All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: December 6, 2023
December 6, 2023 5:14 PM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Three more Continental Classic matches will attempt to thrill the audience, while MJF and Samoa Joe fight the Devil, Adam Copeland and Christian lock up for the first 1-v-1 match in AEW, and Toni Storm gets that Turner Classic Movies rub.

The announced card for tonight:

TNT Championship Match: Christian Cage (c) vs. Adam Copeland

AEW Women's World Championship: Toni Storm (c) vs. Skye Blue -- TCM's Ben Mankiewicz to introduce Toni Storm

MJF & Samoa Joe vs. The Masked Devil's goons

AEW Continental Classic Gold League Match: Jay White vs. Jay Lethal

AEW Continental Classic Gold League Match: Jon Moxley vs. RUSH

AEW Continental Classic Gold League Match: Swerve Strickland vs. Mark Briscoe
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RUSH and Moxley seem equally matched, with both of them slapping the hell out of each other, equally brawling to the outside, managing superplexes from top rope. For a strange moment it seemed like Mox legit-blocked him from performing a straitjacket piledriver in favor of a simpler one. In the end Mox wins -- because Mox always wins -- when his opponent underestimated his ability to pop up for a quick lariat into a choke-out.
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NOTE TO SELF: The next time you want to give Jim Ross grief for being elderly on commentary, remember that Tony Schiavone just accidentally referred to this wrestling company as "WCW".
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Mark Briscoe becomes the tournament's first mathematical elimination, with Swerve being just a little faster at opportunities to thwart the J-Driller and the Froggy Bow. He still continues in the tournament, hopefully to play spoiler to someone else.

Meanwhile the tag team vs. the Devil's minions doesn't come to pass, as it was all a clever ruse to get Joe out to the ring so that MJF could get bonked backstage... by a beer bottle?? Hangman suspicion intensifies.
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Someone in the production truck is on the ball tonight, because they were ready to hit her B&W old-timey filter several times in the match. Skye Blue bumped all around the place, but hardly gets in much offense. (This might be the first time anyone's kicked out of the Code Blue?)

AND THEN RIHO SHOWS UP! Of course the most colorful woman in AEW should take on a black-and-white movie star! Plus Riho still owes Toni a beating for when the Outcasts ganged up on her.
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Copeland v Christian starts off strong, with Copeland taking hits on the outside and narrowly beating a 10-count. He also knows a hundred ways to avoid the Killswitch, so Christian has to bust out a new way -- by leaping over Copeland's head as he rushes towards him. But even that wasn't enough, so the two men have to perfectly execute simultaneous spears on each other, which could have gone wrong in a dozen painful ways.

But in the end, it is indeed Shayna Wayne who appears, and as predicted earlier, chooses to punish Copeland for giving Nick a con-chair-to in front of her, choosing the toxic father figure over the nominal babyface.

Onward to Worlds Collide on December 30!
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Re-reading some of these comments 24 hours later, cripes when I post here while watching the show it's like I was commenting while drunk.

I meant to say "Onward to World's End!", and not Worlds Collide.
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