Reacher: Picture Says a Thousand Words
December 18, 2023 8:34 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

After more of his friends fall victim, Reacher forges an uneasy alliance with a dogged detective, and their only clue in the case leads the 110th to a troubling discovery. (IMDb)

The team head back to New York after learning that two more bodies had been discovered in the same remote location as Franz's. We get a lesson in gun-control-law-loopholes. Reacher is promptly hauled in, but not charged, by the cop he assaulted and there is some info bartering to learn the name of a guy we've seen a couple times seemingly unconnected to the main story. Meanwhile, Neagley and Dixon check out the parking pass, issued by a corporation called New Age Enterprises, to "an unsuccessful job seeker", in reality one of the bad guys now buried on a job site in AC. The four reunite to check out his address and are promptly jumped by more bad guys. They were being supervised by a schlub who has a heart attack when confronted by Reacher but his employee ID identifies him as working for New Age. A nighttime visit to Evil Corp uncovers a group photo and standing next to T-1000 is Swan, the original missing team member...
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The Sarah Connor reference was a bit ham handed.

I appreciate Ritchson has put the hours in but Reacher shouldn't be that obviously a gym fanatic. Also, he doesn't use make up to bring out his abs.
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I can't remember if it was this episode or the previous one, but Reacher referred to characters and events from the book that was the basis for Tom Cruise's first outing as Jack Reacher.
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I think Ritchson has really grown into the role.
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I can't remember if it was this episode or the previous one

I think it was the previous one when they were trying to figure out who might have a grudge against them. The character (in the book and TC movie) had been arrested for a murder that had to have been committed by a skilled sniper. Reacher proved it wasn't the guy arrested.

This episode had a flashback with the team standing over a body in the parking lot of a bar and their commanding officer showed up on his way to some other place. It seemed like he was shoehorned into the scene. I read the book long ago so I don't remember much nor his name ("Hortense Fields"). Like the security officer at the casino hotel, he just seemed odd. Or it could be bad acting/writing.

Apparently they are already filming Season 3.
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A nighttime visit to Evil Corp

And the music during that segment totally reminded me of music from Mr. Robot.
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