AEW Collision: December 16, 2023 (& Rampage, December 15)
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As the Continental Classic nears completion, members of the Blackpool Combat Club seem to dominate as Eddie Kingston hangs on by a thread. Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale attempt to settle scores in a streetfight, and Abadon is back so we get two women's matches on one show!

(This post going up late because I got all tuckered out from watching Final Battle 2023 on Friday. Commentary quoted from Wrestling Observer.)

RAMPAGE -- December 15

Orange Cassidy, Ross Von Erich & Marshall Von Erich (w/ Danhausen) defeated Matt Menard, Angelo Parker & Jake Hager
"Excalibur and Jericho gave conflicting stories on how Danhausen acquired Jake Hager's hat; Excalibur said he bought it off a sports memorabilia website, but Jericho said Danhausen stole it from his bag. Marshall Von Erich wrestles barefoot like his father... After the match, the heels jumped the Von Erichs. Danhausen went for the curse, but the heels overwhelmed him. Hager was about to get his hat back, when music played and Kevin Von Erich ambled slowly down to the ring. The babyfaces made their own save, and when Kevin got there, he gave Hager the claw. The crowd was into this and gave the Von Erichs a standing ovation and a big chant afterwards.

Danhausen kept the hat."
Kyle Fletcher & Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Don Callis) defeated Hunter Grey & Paul Titan (0:44)
"Spinebuster + World’s Most Dangerous Slam finished it for the Callis family. After the match, Don Callis called out the Golden Jets. (Remember, Chris Jericho was on commentary.) Fear of the Don Callis family sent Jericho and Kenny Omega into the tag division, but now the Don Callis Family is in the tag team division. Callis unveils “Don Callis Family Rules,” that any two members of the Don Callis family can come after the Golden Jets. I think I’ve heard these rules before."

Of course, all this is up in the air now that Kenny Omega is off the show due to diverticulitis. Remains to be seen whether the tag title issue will be postponed until Revolution, or if someone else will step up, either to replace Kenny as Jericho's tag partner or a different tag team altogether.
Anna Jay defeated Red Velvet

Top Flight & Action Andretti defeated Penta El Zero Miedo, El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander (w/ Alex Abrantes)
"...After the break, Vikingo escaped a triple team, caught Andretti with an enziguri and got the hot tag. Penta hit a cazadora on Andretti and with the same motion hit Top Flight with a double DDT. Komander hit a springboard DDT on Andretti, but Darius hit Kommaner with a powerbomb into a knee strike. Vikingo hit Darius with a sloppy GTS. Darius hit like a pumphandle powerbomb on Vikingo. Penta hit a spinning fallaway slam on Darius. Komander countered a tijeras with a face-first powerbomb, and Darius flew in with a hard elbow on Komander.

Andretti hit a death valley driver on Penta on the apron. Komander took Andretti down with a set up rana, and Darius Martin caught Komander with a german suplex on the apron. Vikingo hit a Destroyer on Darius on the apron. Then Penta hit a Destroyer on Dante on the apron. And everyone is out on the floor.

Andretti and Penta got to their feet in the ring and exchanged chops. Soon, their teammates joined in and it was donnybrook. They all hit triple superkicks, triple clotheslines, triple boots, did a triple kip up and then triple booted each other down agin. Okay now that was seriously cool.

Top Fight went for a double clothesline and missed, but came back and hit stereo Spanish flies on Vikingo and Penta, sending them to the floor. Top Flight and Andretti tripled up on Komander, and Dante drove Komader down with sort-of a spinning full nelson slam… and got the pinfall!

This was an absolutely fantastic main event."
COLLISION -- December 16

Continental Classic Blue League Match: Claudio Castagnoli [6pts] defeated Andrade El Idolo [9pts]
"This was such smart, simple wrestling here. Andrade continually tried to win with what worked against Brody King on Dynamite, but instead got a taste of his own medicine when Castagnoli took the low road to beat him. Castagnoli’s win keeps both him and Eddie Kingston alive for now in the Blue League."
During Andrade’s entrance, we saw our Spanish announce team which included former Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa.

Abadon defeated Jazmin Allure
"Abadon scored a quick win with the Black Dahlia DDT. After the match, the lights went out. TBS Champion Julia Hart appeared when the lights came up. She laid the title at Abadon’s feet, but instead of taking the belt, Abadon tackled Hart and started a brawl. Abadon laid out Hart with a knee and posed with the title, but Skye Blue made her way to the ring. She appeared to come to help Abadon but hit them as soon as they turned their back. Blue and Hart beat down Abadon until Thunder Rosa made her way from commentary to help run them off. Abadon and Rosa shook hands as the crowd chanted Welcome Back at Rosa."
AEW World Trios Champions The Acclaimed accepted a challenge from Top FLight and Action Andretti for next week's Collision.

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) defeated Bryan Keith to retain
"This was a great showcase for Keith, who has made quite a statement for himself these last two nights in Texas. The Texas crowd treated him like a big deal, which made the upset feel believable at times. Keith came out to Still Tippin’ by Mike Jones, his theme on the independent scene. [...] After the match, Keith refused a handshake but tipped his hat to Cassidy in respect."
"Miro was backstage. He wondered whether it was CJ Perry poisoning him, or her poisoning Miro. He didn’t want to get caught up in drama, but he did want to fight Andrade El Idolo because “he is an a**hole.” He said that with Andrade’s loss tonight, he was one step closer to being eliminated, and one step closer to being redeemed."

Texas Street Fight: Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale defeated Mercedes Martinez & Diamante
"The end of the year women’s street fight didn’t disappoint, as these women beat each other bloody here. This was a wild brawl and a good win for Statlander and Nightingale. I hope that these women end up back in the title scene after this short diversion."
Adam Copeland challenged Christian Cage to a No Disqualification match for the TNT Title at World’s End.

Brian Cage (w/ Prince Nana) defeated Kerry Wright
"Cage obliterated Wright, lifting him multiple times before tossing him overhead with a fallaway slam. Cage hit a powerbomb before spiking Wright with the Drillclaw for the win."
Continental Classic Blue League Match: Eddie Kingston [6pts] defeated Daniel Garcia [0pts]
"The stakes were high, and the crowd reflected it as these two fought for their tournament lives. Garcia fought a good fight, but Kingston was simply the better man. With this win, Kingston controls his destiny next week, as a win in his last League match against Andrade El Idolo gets him a spot in the Blue League semi-final."
Continental Classic Blue League Match: Bryan Danielson [9pts] defeated Brody King [6pts]
"Danielson’s eye continues to be the prime story with his matches, as his opponents are feeling less and less guilty about going after it. Danielson chopped down the monster and finally beat him with the Busaiku Knees, but Danielson looked so much worse for wear coming out of this match. The last week of tournament action will see five men still alive. Danielson and Andrade are in with either wins or draws, while King, Castagnoli, and Kingston need wins and some help regarding head-to-head tiebreakers. Another great episode of Collision."
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My friends on Discord discussing the Continental Classic Tournament:
Person A: okay so there's still some opportunity for something really funny to happen I guess.
if Jay White beats Jon Moxley then they're tied on points but Jay White advances because he's beaten Jon Moxley.
but also, if Swerve beats Rush, then they're tied on points, but Swerve has beaten Jay White, making the two of them the finalists
and of course it's been speculated that the Blue League could be the funniest possible tie on points, assuming:
Brody King defeats Daniel Garcia,
Claudio defeats Branielson,
and Kingston defeats Andrade.
in that case, five men are tied at 9 (except Daniel Garcia's at zero)

Person B: it's phenomenal how quickly TK has mastered the art of a tournament where the individual matches are almost entirely bangers and yet the tournament itself is extremely mid due to the actual booking

Person A: that's the feel I get from a G1, there doesn't have to be a story because it's literally SPORTS at its core. if there is a story, then that's a huge bonus

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