Pokémon Concierge: Pokémon Concierge
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Pokémon Concierge is an all-new stop-motion series from Netflix in the genre of cozy, slice-of-life animation. Set at an island resort, a young woman gets a job as a concierge helping Pokémon guests enjoy their visit. The first season has four short episodes totaling less than one hour of story. Trailer. Welcome to Pokémon Resort. Making Of. Studio Visit with Non. Theme Song by Mariya Takeuchi.
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Being more specific, this is basically a very short iyashikei kind of show. Reactions in r/pokemon are overwhelmingly positive. If you have little familiarity with the franchise, this show doesn't explain a lot, but it has a simple premise, not connected to other continuity. Maybe it's inspired by a Resort Area that appeared in the past, but it's not identical with it. All you'd need to approach it is a vague sense that Pokémon seem fun and an hour to spend on it.

The show highlights Pokémon's peaceful, bucolic, considerate, and caring elements. There's one moment where Pokémon play-fight, but this show has more in common with Magical Pokémon Journey, some of the short films, or just wandering around in peaceful areas in the games than with more prominent Pokémon media. That said, early seasons of the anime are also available online in the US too and have occasional moments with similar vibes.
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The animation is very nice and the Pokemon are very cute. My kids liked it and I actually laughed too.
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This is Maximum Charming; the felt Pokemon are just the best. The vibes are correct.
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This is the only Pokémon thing I've ever watched, and it was so cute.
(My son is in kindergarten and we've somehow started playing a card game with Pokémon which is mostly good because he's getting better at subtraction)
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A news roundup on Gizmodo highlighted this Feb. 19 tweet from @Netflix!
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