Letterkenny: The Final Season
January 3, 2024 10:53 AM - Season 12 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Letterkenny is back one more time with six new episodes.

Comedy, country music, a season-long story arc, Hooters-- but, well, y'know.

Letterkenny concludes.
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Country and WESTERN
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I enjoyed the first seasons of Letterkenny, but drifted away by S4 or so

Returning to this final season, I am not sure what I missed in the intervening period but the first 3 episodes of the final season are not compelling me to find out. The writing and dynamic is kind of a weak echo of the spirit of early Letterkenny in a way I find similar to Trailer Park Boys: from special, to "check all the boxes we think the fans expect" kind of formula.

anyhow, sorry to inject negativity but I just think it ran way past its Best Before period
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Honestly, I think Letterkenney has a lot of parallels to the Asterix the Gaul series. Small insular village of quirky locals, fueled by magic potions (Puppers) that make them invulnerable during brawls with Romans (degens). Basically every season is about a single small issue that spirals a bit and then ends with some kind of large brawl.. I was really hoping the arc of this last season was about breaking those patterns - both in-story (ending the toxic treatment of Derry by his friends) and in-writing (getting away from the season-end brawl, people realizing there's more to the world than Letterkenney). Buuuuut nope, just a nostalgia-fest for the first season over again as a closer.

Letterkenney... Letterkenney never changes.
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I'm showing my political ass here, but I was hoping "Sundarts" would subvert something but it just managed to be dumb, and that sums up the season. I loved how Letterkenny could appeal to a broad base of people, even people like me who over-think things and don't want to hear Jason Aldean's name mentioned in a series he once enjoyed.
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I enjoy the hicks vs degens thing because every time we talk what degens are, my raised-in-the-South self falls back on "they're like...hicks, I guess?" Which is immediately wrong, per the text. I'm reminded of how popular Jeff Foxworthy was when I was growing up (the people laughing at you-might-be-a-redneck jokes do not, in fact, consider themselves rednecks).
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I also struggle with their definition of "degen", like, using bedsheets for curtains and driving shirtless frankly don't seem so bad. Kicking dogs and being irresponsible with firearms, sure, but those aren't the things we hear our protagonists chirping on about.
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