Fellow Travelers: Fellow Travelers
January 2, 2024 2:48 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Expanding on Thomas Mallon's novel, the series covers a queer love story between two men, from the Lavender Scare into the AIDS epidemic.
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Most of this is absolutely brilliantly done (sorry Allison Williams but you were not up to this role). Two episodes in and I turned to my husband and said "Finally a series that understands queerness and sex in this country. I lived through some of the history here, and this show just about gutted me at every turn.

This bit from the Ebert link above says exactly what I have been feeling, and I am so happy to see these sentences in a mainstream publication:

"The link between queerness and sex is intrinsic, and the creators of "Fellow Travelers" thankfully wholly understand this. From the first sex scene between Tim and Hawk, where their bodies harshly clash, to later sequences where their skin melds together like liquid gold amongst white sheets, the intimacy here is striking. Unlike certain peers in the queer sphere of cinema and television, the show looks at queerness with unwavering honesty, which makes the sex scenes almost staggering."
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