Project Runway All Stars: 4 Seasons in One Finale
February 13, 2015 3:10 PM - Season 4, Episode 13 - Subscribe

The three remaining designers have to produce a capsule collection of eight outfits - two each representing Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Will Mood have enough lace and neoprene? Didn't Fabio really make that coat? What will Zanna wear this week? Who will struggle to finish? Who will win?
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Fffft. What a fizzle.

The collections were just as you would expect, terrible. The only dress I liked was the first one that Helen sent down the runway. But of course, I can buy it at Macy's.

I thought that Dimitri's dresses were old, staid and scary looking.

So Helen's collection was ugly. Dimitri's collection was bugly. Sonja's collection was fugly.

Just such dreck. I at least like that Sonja did a bathing suit, even if it had been recycled from another look.

This is it for me. The show is not worth watching. And what is the point of Dimitri winning again? If he was such hot shit, the first win would have put him on the map. I'm not seeing his Ice Skater designs in my local much for that.

What I want. What I REALLY want, is to know how Jay McCarroll is doing.
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OMG Issac Mizrahi was wearing a camouflage suit!!!! At first I thought it was just a jacket, but nope! Full on camo suit!

I liked most of Helen's collection. I liked some of Sonja's (which I also liked the first times she made them). I hated pretty much all of Demitri's, especially his ode to the eighties that the judges seemed so enamored of. But, if you go for camo suits, I guess you'd probably like eighties pot leaf ugly dresses.

Also, four frickin' days to make eight looks? WTF? How can you expect any sort of design when they have to spend pretty much all of their time sewing. All you're going to get (and all we got) is the first thing that comes to their exhausted minds that they think they can reasonably put together in four days. When Zanna was telling Dimitri that he was going to have to just let some stuff slide because they had NO TIME, all I could think was "Why?" Why wouldn't you give them enough time to actually design and make some nice clothes? They could have given them a week and it still would have been ludicrous, but maybe they would have been able to actually come up with something decent.
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Yeah, that was terrible. In every way. I was rooting for Alyssa to give birth amidst the nightclub circusry.

I'm totally done with All Stars too, and I wasn't too happy with the mothership and its aging leaky hull at the end of last season.
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I'll never watch an All-Stars again. No Tim Gunn, nothing but insanely short deadlines and tiny budgets, and a finale that was so quickly cobbled together it produced nothing interesting.

Seriously, the short deadlines on the show meant to get people to break and make mistakes totally sucks for both designers and fans trying to watch the show.

A final where 8 looks are made in four days makes a complete mockery of the design process. Remember the first season with Santino and the rest? They got about 5 months to build their collections in time for Fashion Week, and everyone brought their A-game.

The way this season went, the entire run could have been filmed in about three weeks, and the quality output suffered as a result. I really hope the next season of the full show does most of the challenges in two days instead of one and gives the final designers months instead of days to assemble their final collection.
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GOD DAMN IT I JUST SPOILED MYSELF. Google included a bunch of "news" for All Stars when I was searching for the Lifetime site and the first headline immediately gave it away. I'd be less annoyed if it were nearly anyone but Dmitri tbh.
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Yeah, I get so excited when I see the fabrics they are buying and the half-finished garments on the mannequins and then the final runway rarely lives up to my expectations...even in the regular seasons.

I'd say Dmitry succeeded in making a collection that didn't look like it had been sewed in four days.

I was rooting for Sonjia because I love her personal style and she chose some great fabrics and colors but then she did pedestrian things with them; maybe she doesn't have enough designs stockpiled in her head because obviously, nobody is creating anything new here. I don't understand why the judges were raving about the burgundy lace dress (nearly identical to the one she made in season) with the zig-zag short sleeves and hem. The long "Maude" vest with the turtleneck underneath was hid.e.ous.

If there's one thing I could say to Helen it's this: your capes are FRUMPY. That last look, it was if the model had fake arms hanging down in front while her real arms were somewhere else. Her first look was the only interesting one.

But I am okay with the Dmitry win if only because it increases the odds that someone will do a reality show based on his life or maybe he gets a gig on a Fashion Police type show. Just to keep the droll snark coming.

Also I'm relieved that now I won't have to see Allyssa Milano looking like a pearl-studded pin cushion about to burst her seams. My god, that woman needs to sue her stylist. Here is a rundown of her looks [note: visible belly buttons have been airbrushed out].
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Well, I can't say I'm unhappy Dmitry won - he's been a favourite of mine from Day 1, not just for the impeccable fit of his clothes, but for his snarky wit. But I didn't like his clothes one bit. That giant weed leaf ... who on earth would wear something with a giant MJ leaf on it? (Apart from, er, me, apparently ...) Those 80s looks were awful, dear God don't tell me that's a look that's coming back.

Helen's clothes were odd and frumpy. I thought the little slip dress looked as if it fit the model beautifully, but the one outfit of hers I liked was the skirt with the riding boots. That's the only thing of hers I would ever wear.

I liked Sonjia's clothes the best, but from what we saw (and I appreciate it is all probably heavily edited) the two pieces I thought were most successful - the jump suit and the yellow coat - look to have been made by Fabio. He made the pants for the jump suit and IIRC, Sonjia was ecstatic about Fabio's draping of the yellow fabric for the coat. And that coat was all about the drape.

Best bit for me was when one of the dancers kissed Georgina Chapman - she was aghast, but kept her rictus smile.
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All looks, side by side and another set of photo's here.

Here's my impression of the PR producers: "Designers, we want you to be at your very best and give us a fantastic show. lolololol jk, you have four days (barely) sux2bu!!1"

I guess how the runway turned out wasn't much of a surprise. The designers have been exhausted since before this challenge, that combined with the ridiculous time pressure guaranteed this lackluster outcome. Looking at the photo's I still have to say I am impressed by what they've constructed in that short amount of time, but this episode definitely turned into Project You'd Better Be A Damn Quick Worker. I agree with the comments above that avoiding PR:AS is probably a good idea. But I would watch Dmitry's Snark Shack (working title).

Re Alyssa's dresses, I thought the piece she was wearing at the start of this episode was one of her better outfits. I mean, she was still wearing high heels, which I can only imagine is extra uncomfortable when pregnant, but the dress was clean and flowy.

And speaking of the beginning of the episode, Alyssa introduced the challenge by saying that "no one has ever presented one collection for all four seasons", which I find incredibly hard to believe. In fact I would bet that in most larger fashion schools there's one person each year who does exactly that and thinks they're super innovative.
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bjrn I took that to mean on project runway no one has ever produced a 4 season collection, but her statement did have the nice effect of being inane enough to distract me from the steaming pile of television I was watching for at least a moment.

I will watch a lot of crap TV but I'm officially done with PRAS. Pretty much everything that happened this season was dumb, and with a runway wedding and a 4 day final challenge to cap this one off, it's officially gone past the point of redemption.

If Zac "I resent that I'm not as cute as Michael Kors" Posen is a judge again on regular season PR, I might not watch that either.


On the bright side, Alyssa looked like preggers Liberace this episode and that amused me.
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> bjrn I took that to mean on project runway no one has ever produced a 4 season collection

Oh, yes, that does make a lot more sense. But then my objection would be that PR collections usually aren't limited to a specific season. Still, I think you're right.
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Dmitry's collection was a bunch of terrible 80s garments (and didn't designers get knocked down for terrible 80s things just a season or two ago?) and looks he's done before. When the judges chastised Sonjia for repetition, I knew that Dmitry was going to win. It's a shame, because now it's set a precedent that previous winners tend to win, and that makes the whole thing just seem like a Project Runway Retirement Plan.
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I was frustrated that the contestants had only four days to make eight looks. Ultimately, the final episode was not a competition about fashion design, but rather about speed fashion design.

Look, I watch the show because I like fashion, not because I like seeing designers on the edge of a collective nervous breakdown because they've been given a huge task to complete in an unreasonable amount of time. At that point, I'm not enjoying the drama, I'm questioning the competence of the production staff.

And as I watched the final runway show, happy with some looks and less happy with others, I just kept wondering how much better the final collections would have been if the designers were given a reasonable amount of time.

This is a show about fashion. Give your designers the time they need to create the best looks they can! I don't understand how this isn't a no-brainer for the producers.
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If we graph the amount of time given for final show look creation (divided by number of looks required) we should be able to predict how much time will be given in future shows.

I'm looking forward to the season in which the contestants have a half hour to take their models, spray paint them and roll them in various colors of glitter and then send them down the runway. The judges won't mention the repetitiveness I'm sure.

The format was angering and insulting. I did appreciate the fact that the editing left in some of the incredulous comments from the finalists. I guess they wouldn't have had enough footage otherwise.
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I would respect the show a lot more if:

1. It didn't include previous winners, unless all the contestants were previous winners. But if they won, and were doing well, WHY would they want to do it again? See? That's the point.

2. There was significant amount of time for previously aufed designers to mature, and grow, so that we were able to see how they've progressed since PR.

The idea of having someone from season 13 show up just months later on All-Stars 4 is ludicrous. What's the point? What new things will this person have to show us? Nothing, that's what.
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