Grimm: Trial by Fire
February 13, 2015 7:30 PM - Season 4, Episode 13 - Subscribe

An arson case forces Nick to ask an old foe for help; Viktor educates Adalind about well-played diplomacy; Juliette is involved in a confrontation.
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Thank goodness Juliette finally told Nick, I was getting quite annoyed with the show. Though I forgive them a bit, because the manner in which they let that storyline develop actually allowed the situation to build to a crescendo so that the calm of Juliette waiting on the sofa felt right. Plus, I chuckled a bit that she even left the knives in the wall, though they may take a bit of effort to extract! Clearly I am too attached to the set, cause I was focused more on Noooooooooo, don't destroy the home, versus hex-fight.
posted by dawg-proud at 8:41 PM on February 13, 2015

Needed to be a longer fight, the knife trick though was very cool. Nick better get over the whole hexenbiest thing quickly, given all he crap he's brought home.

Still can't resolve the fact that they are the bad guys when it comes to the whole "taking the baby from Adaline" plotline. None of them seem to have any second thoughts about it.

It's such a cheesy show, but it's a self-aware cheesy show and just good enough for us to keep watching.
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I generally skip previews & promos for shows that I'm actively watching, but the "hexenbiest fight" promos had been nigh unavoidable this time. I guess I'm glad I knew it was coming, though I still found myself getting impatient with the arson plotline as it became clear that Juliette's big scene was going to be at the very end, which meant we could be in for yet another week of not telling Nick. (Actually, just looking at imdb to confirm that the arsonist was Teen Wolf's Deucalion, it says the next new episode isn't until March 20th. Boo.)
posted by oh yeah! at 5:43 AM on February 14, 2015

Considering Adalind's character through pretty much the entire show could be pretty much described as "borderline sociopath and pathological narcissist" (c'mon, she doesn't want the baby because she loves it, she wants the baby because MINE IT'S MINE NOBODY TAKES AWAY THINGS THAT ARE MINE; also wasn't there one point where she was basically willing to trade the baby to the Royals for a place in their ranks?), I don't think Nick & Co. should be having second thoughts about hiding the baby, nor are they the "bad guys."
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I have no qualms about hiding a baby from incredibly fishy royals and what the heck ever other bad guys are out there, even if it takes a baby from its evil mother. What soundguy99 said.

Damn, that hexenbeist fight was AWESOME. Juliette made Adalind run away. That was great. And yes, she finally told him HUZZAH! They better not break up over it though. That sneak peek I saw on Hulu...damn.
posted by jenfullmoon at 10:39 PM on February 15, 2015

Bad guys might be a bit strong, I would have liked a bit more debate. Or maybe I'm overthinking it.

The fight was awesome, but could have been longer. Start it sooner and keep intercutting with the station! I really want to know who their contractor is, he's racking in the bucks fixing up their house.
posted by beowulf573 at 8:59 PM on February 16, 2015

I see where you're coming from, beowulf573, but I think one thing is that we as viewers have a different perspective on Adalind than the Portland Grimm crew. She's not supposed to be an entirely unsympathetic character to us - IIRC there were definitely points during the whole "having the baby & immediately afterwards" part of last season where there was at least some potential for Adalind to either redeem herself or at least not be totally horrible. Plus, y'know, I don't think we're meant to be pleased when she got brain-tortured by the Royals, and it's been made clear that Viktor & the Royals are totally using her as a tool to find the baby, they give not 2 shits about her as a person or a mother.

But while we're given glimpses of Adalind as maybe less straight-up "evil" and more "person with issues who makes bad choices", Nick & Renard & the rest haven't really seen any of that, or have so much experience with her being deceptive and manipulative that they can't bring themselves to believe that she's really got any good in her. So from their standpoint it makes total sense, practically and ethically, to remove the kid from her grasp and not think about it twice.
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Sure, it's a small nit it's just something that struck a a bit of a wrong note for me. I wouldn't care if I didn't like the show. :-) Renard is an interesting case, from the first season they seemed to be setting him up as the big bad. Besides Adalind working for him, they showed him in control of organized crime. They must have realized his popularity because the writers seemed to have shifted his character without explaining it. Fine by me, he works better as they are currently portraying him.

What annoys me even more was the empty DVR last night, I didn't realize there would be a month gap!
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My main concern with the kidnapping plotline is that I don't see how anyone without some serious powers would be able to keep the baby from wreaking havoc. Being a Grimm didn't strike me as much use if confronted with a tantrum-throwing telekenetic toddler - but maybe they'll do the sf-tv trope of the rapid-growth magic baby so they can skip past the baby/child actress phase.

What annoys me even more was the empty DVR last night, I didn't realize there would be a month gap!

Even more glad for the TNT repeats now - though I really wish they'd run them daily instead of the Wednesday night block of four, to keep me from binge-watching the whole block and falling behind on the umpteen other network shows I'm watching.
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