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January 17, 2024 2:04 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Imogene Scott finds herself as the prime suspect in a locked room murder. To solve it, she must partner up with the man who failed to solve her mother's murder, Rufus Cotesworth.

As a child, Imogene was the only witness to her mother's murder. Cotesworth was brought in to solve the case, but failed. Almost 2 decades later, Imogene, while the guest of her wealthy friend on a luxury liner, becomes the only suspect when another guest is murdered in his room. Cotesworth is also on board and soon enough Imogene realizes that the only way to clear her name is pair up with the man who didn't solve her mother's. murder.

Starring Violett Beane, Mandy Patinkin, David Marshall Grant, Lauren Patten, and Jere Burns.
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So far a fairly straight up tribute to Agatha Christie movies where a challenging murder takes place in a decadent setting with plenty of rich (or seemingly rich) people (who are all suspects) traipsing about in gorgeous ensembles
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I did scan some reviews that were less than enthusiastic about it, but this kind of thing is almost exactly my wheelhouse (I do prefer an episodic format rather than a single mystery stretched over a season, but I can deal) so I'm willing to forgive a lot. I expect to like it just fine.
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Oh man, Michael Gladis is such a great insufferable douchebag.

This is fun so far. I would watch Mandy Patinkin and Rahul Kohli in way worse productions.

Also, nice to have a summery detective show to balance out the Artic horrors of the new season of True Detective.
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Why didn't they name this show Rahul Kohli Stands in a Tuxedo in Front of an Art Deco Bar? The murder mystery is all very well and good, but I know what I'm here for.
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I don’t understand what the critics are on about. I’m really enjoying this series. I just hope Inago Montoya is able to find the six fingered man before this is all over.
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I did scan some reviews that were less than enthusiastic about it, but this kind of thing is almost exactly my wheelhouse.

I'm in precisely the same boat here, pun semi intended. I don't know that this is especially great television so far, but I certainly enjoyed having it on. (With apologies to the show's conceit, I don't think I was watching closely enough to pick up on the details!)
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I feel like the show had to do a lot of heavy(-handed) lifting in the first episode to set everything up: why doesn't Imogene trust Cotesworth, who are all of these people, why is everyone cosplaying the 1920s? (I did enjoy the show giving you the impression that it is set in a highly stylized version of the past--only to reveal that it is a highly stylized version of the present instead.)

But there's enough going on that I'm sticking with it--not to mention that episode two is moved by a steadier hand. It's certainly more fun than most of the mysteries I've seen lately.
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Just uh for anyone planning to watch this with family/kids - there is graphic nudity in like the first ten minutes.

And I didn't even realise Rahul Kohli was in it, so that was a giddy rush of delight!
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I like it much better so far than A Murder at the End of the World.

It may not feel like it's innovating much, but it isn't boring so far and it is mostly succeeding at covering a lot of angles: two murder mysteries (one unsolved from the distant past, one on the boat); showing complicated family dynamics (the clothing company, the buyers, the crew); class friction (heavy handed at times, not necessarily progressive, but class issues are actively at play in the core story); setting up a complicated but believable locked room-esque mystery with plenty of motive to go around; using voice-over narration to deliver amusing dialogue (with various amount of success, but enough to warrant its use) while not using voice over to dump information, replace plot, or commit other common voice over sins; having a diverse cast of characters with a few interesting weirdos and mysterious notes (could be more and weirder, but they're there)... all with good acting (although I have my quibbled with some of it), solid editing, and respectable camera work. It's set in modern times (modern enough to have iPhone product placement), with a relatively young cast, while coming up with a believable excuse to have beautiful wood paneling everywhere.

It's no Knives Out, but neither was Glass Onion. I'm happier with it than Poirot retreads. I'd like one of these every 6 months, please.

I feel completely disconnected from the "meh" response, though maybe that will change sometime after episode 3.
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This is almost exactly what I want from a cosy mystery.

... except for the full-frontal nudity. One of the key features of a cosy is that you can enthusiastically recommend it to your extended family so you can gossip about it later.
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Watched all the episodes that are out so far last night. Agree that the nude scene was a shock since my mother in law was in the room! It's a great showing of beautiful people, I love Mandy Patinkin, and a cruise ship is such a rich and fun setting.
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I'm enjoying it so far. I feel like they're sneaking little details in in the background all over the place but I'm not observant enough to get them.

Mandy Patinkin's Matt Berry accent took a little while to get used to but all of the cast is great.
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