Dario Argento Panico (2023)
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Dario Argento, 84, visits a quaint Italian countryside hotel to finish writing his next film. A camera crew comes along and interviews him about his life and career as one of horror's greatest filmmakers. Also featuring interviews with admirers like Guillermo del Toro and Gaspar Noe, as well as Argento's family, including daughter Asia Argento..
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There's nothing here that's especially revelatory, but Argento is a joy to watch, and there's something really quite life-affirming about his vitality. Gaspar Noe, who cast Argento as an elderly retiree in his recent Vortex, shares a delightful anecdote in which Argento asked why Noe had thought of him -- "I'm so young!" And really, Argento is very sprightly, his eyes ever active with thoughts; he's also very funny.

Interviews with Asia Argento take up a perhaps surprisingly large amount of the film, and, well, YMMV, I guess. She's, as always, a striking presence, and IMO her thoughts are profound and fascinating. She is also, um, a pretty problematic person in ways the film doss not allude to in any way, not surprisingly, and if like 30 minutes of this person is not something you want in your life, that's a respectable call, and you have been advised.
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