Lucky Number Slevin (2006)
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A case of mistaken identity lands Slevin into the middle of a war being plotted by two of the city's most rival crime bosses. Under constant surveillance by Detective Brikowski and assassin Goodkat, he must get them before they get him.
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I haven't seen this movie since around the release date (didn't see it in the theater, but definitely saw it when. It was newish), but my memories are fond. I like super stylized movies and realize some people are a bit put off by it, however I am into it. In this case I think it works. The only head scratcher is how Josh Hartnett was the lead. Literally every other cast member is a generational talent. Imagine the movie if Joseph Gordon Levitt had been cast.
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But Josh Hartnett was good in this, IIRC. I also watched this a long time ago, but remember it fondly.
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I just re-watched this recently and it held up pretty well. It's only almost pretty great, but also doesn't dip below pretty good. I think Josh Harnett is underrated in general, but also agree that maybe he wasn't the best choice for this. He's a little TOO aloof, maybe? Nobody really has a bad performance, but cast chemistry never quite gelled for me. I feel like this movie just needs a nudge to get everything really firing on all cylinders. All that said, I still enjoyed it, even though I think most of it has already fallen out of my long term memory.
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awww this is a great movie but it is hyper violent in very sudden bursts. great cast, tight little plot full of twists. if you have a fetish for watching Lucy Liu eat peanut butter sandwiches, this is the film for you!
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super quippy movie without any memorable lines. fun while watching, but nothing sticks. same thing with the plot and the big twist. like, yeah, clever, but you also have to be reminded about the horserace and the murder spree from the beginning so that it lands proper.
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I should probably rewatch this. Partially because I remember really enjoying it, and partially because I can barely remember anything about it beyond vibes.
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YES. I re-watched it a few years after it came out because I thought "I liked this, but I don't remember much of anything about it." And like a week later I was in the exact same place. It is really validating to learn that's not just me.
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