The Exorcist III (1990)
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[TRAILER] Police Lt. Kinderman (George C. Scott) notices similarities between his current murder investigation and the methods used by the "Gemini" killer (Brad Dourif) who was executed 15 years before. He soon discovers a hospitalized mental patient (Jason Miller) claiming to be the dead serial killer, but who looks uncannily like a priest Kinderman knew who died during an exorcism. As more bodies are found, Kinderman looks for connections between the two supposedly dead men.

Also starring Ed Flanders, Scott Wilson, Nicol Williamson, Grand L. Bush, Nancy Fish, Tracey Thorne, Barbara Baxley, Harey Carey Jr., Kevin Corrigan, Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Ewing, Fabio.

Directed and written by William Peter Blatty. Based on his novel, Legion. Produced by Carter DeHaven for Morgan Creek/20th Century Fox. Cinematography by Gerry Fisher. Edited by Todd Ramsay, Peter Lee Thompson. Music by Barry De Vorzon.

59% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

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It's pretty good, actually. And yeah, I know the whole story of it being forced into an Exorcist shape when really it was a separate story.

Where it works as an Exorcist film, even with the lumpy origins and the wordy screenplay, is that it feels legitimately unsafe.
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That hallway scene? *chef's kiss*

I don't remember how the novelization of this movie ended up in my house as a kid, but I read it.
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This is a surprisingly good sequel. Everyone gives me side-eye when I say that, but it's solid!
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It's a sequel that doesn't want to be the original and would rather do something different that's still clearly tied into the original. Like Return of the Living Dead Part 3.
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That hallway scene? *chef's kiss*

Indeed. I remember watching this with my brother. I'd seen the movie in the theater, but he's a lot younger than I am (he was 5 when it came out...) and hadn't seen it before. I knew what was going to happen, he didn't, so I was watching him very intently during this scene. He damn near jumped out of his skin.

I'm aware of its flaws, but I love it anyway. One of the few horror movies that I've actually watched multiple times. Might be time for a rewatch...
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I watched this about six months ago. I sort of knew what to expect going in. I love the original Exorcist and wasn't expecting more of the same, but... this movie just didn't do much for me. At all. It had some stylish touches, and I miss movies that are LIKE this. But I wouldn't watch it again.
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It has been many years, but the main thing I remember is enjoying this way more than I thought I would.
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The story about the fish in the bathtub stays with me to this day. Much in the same way "Pazuzu, king of the evil spirits of the air, help me to find Kokumo" from the second movie remains an oft quoted line among friends.
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None of the spinoff projects (that I saw) have ever been as good as the original, but they all have a lot to recommend them. (I haven't seen the new one, which I have a feeling is the deal breaker; I'm not at all a fan of David Gordon Green, beginning with cringing when his name would appear in the credits of an Eastbound & Down episode [!!!], so I have very low expectations for it.) The Heretic is practically a Jodorowsky movie, the TV show was amazing, and this...I mean, it's George C. Scott, dude. How bad could that be?
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I completely snapped out of this movie when Patrick Ewing showed up as an angel and couldn’t get back into it afterwards.
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That hallway scene? *chef's kiss*

When I work late I have to turn off the lights at one end of the hallway and walk down the hall in the dark to leave the suite. I thought of that scene one time I was working late by myself and now every time I work late I try not to think about that scene and then I think about it.
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