The Way Home: The Way Home, season 2 (all episodes)
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The continuing saga of the Landry family and their magical time-traveling pond.

I found some recaps of the first three episodes here.

Commentary on episodes 1-3: Alice is having issues with the pond, Elliot returns and is still having issues with this whole thing, Del's having farm financial difficulties, has yet another flirty guy interested in her (boy, is she never into that) and seems to have acquired a horse, and KAT TIME TRAVELED IN THE POND TO 1814, where an adult Jacob has apparently been adopted by his own ancestors. Adoptive dad is quite friendly, Jacob's fiancee is quite suspicious, causing Kat to demonstrate how pond disappearance works. Also, Kat acquires a new nonbinary intern, Casey, who has the sort of interest in Alice that might make one wonder if they're a future time traveler.
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The time travel potential of the pond has now gone into full wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey!

I do feel like the writers are in a weird spot where they didn't anticipate this show doing so well, and now actually have to figure out the rules of their time travel, which may negate some of the rules from last season. I also feel more for Elliott, who once again has to shoulder the burden of knowing how his past connects to his future. Is that why he came back when he did? Knowing that Alice would be going back to the past soon? I just want a nice resolution for him. He's suffered enough. He needs his own life.

Anyway, I'm here more for the time travel shenanigans than the family drama, but I would really like to see Del go through the pond. Do you have to have Landry blood to go through it? Or just be part of the Landry family (because the dog went through!). So many questions, most of which will likely never be answered because I have the feeling the time travel rules are just *shrug*, but I'm content to have this as an easy watch while I'm working on other things.
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This is a very floofy show. Engaging but not deep, entertaining but silly. It's like a middlebrow hug of a show. I'd give it like 2.5 starts out of five but we also never miss an episode.
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