Death and Other Details: Vanishing
February 27, 2024 7:52 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

While the boat has no power, secrets upon secrets are exposed.

And Imogen finally identifies her mother's killer.
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I'm honestly kind of impressed that there was another murder, the solution to one (very old) murder, the partial solution to another (recent) murder, and still a few episodes to go!
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On the reddit sub for this show, a lot of users are speculating that the mother's murder is actually NOT solved because of how vague his answers were. As this is a show about paying attention to details, I can see the point especially since Cotesworth has specifically warned Imogen about projecting onto what someone is saying. Interestingly that same sub called Anna not being a Collier.

I really hope that the Interpol officer is revealed to be a fake because that accent is painful. It's the only part of the show that makes me grit my teeth.
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We’d been speculating about the paterfamilias’s dementia since the beginning so it’s nice to see that acknowledged and that people know. On the flip side I was only expecting the Mom to know; Anna knowing throws wide a ton of plot holes around corporate governance. (Also, like, the Collier board still presumably has to approve the deal? And they should definitely reject the deal and then fire Anna for concealing her father’s illness. But this is a TV show that isn’t interested in being Succession, and that’s more than okay.)

I still think the Mom was behind Kira’s death; I think Anna is more complicit than she has let on thus far. We still don’t know anything about Imogene’s dad, which in a show that has increasingly become about parents’ obsessions and sins passing down to their children is a big question mark. Every piece other than that is now on the board. And while I am willing to cut this show a lot of slack, if Rufus is her dad I am going to throw shit at the screen.
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So, does Teddy's reaction to Llewellyn's death imply that they had a relationship prior to getting on the boat? Because if they didn't she's taking things rather hard given he's been on the boat for what, a few days at most?

Agree that there's an awful lot that people are not explicitly saying that is leaving a lot of things open. And seconding what thecaddy's saying about Lawrence's dementia and corporate governance. That said, yeah, I don't imagine this is a show that's going to necessarily go into that.
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Two more episodes. If they stick the landing, I'll forgive all their sins.

Jeez, I've seen characters have a rough day but Anna really got the shaft this episode. I'm glad that mom ended up floating in the lap pool.
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So apparently Hilde is in the scene where Danny chews out the crew member who spills a drink on him. She's wearing a crew uniform and a visor to obscure her face, but has the same hair ut and sea sickness bracelet. So if she was on the boat from the beginning, she's not Interpol.

The seeming agent of Viktor who hits her after she puts down her gun-that's usually short hand to signal "bad guy." But I think it's possible he's not.
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I had a moment last week where I was certain Viktor Sam's was the priest (who still seems pretty suspicious), but I'm now starting to think back about Rufus.

For a minute I thought he could be Imogene's dad, but that feels wrong. World's greatest detective secretly being a guy who blackmails rich people? Why not?

No idea about the helicopter folks at the end. They must be lost.
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