Death and Other Details: Impossible
March 5, 2024 12:33 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Viktor Sams takes control of the Varuna and forces the other passengers to bid against each other for their lives.

Will Imogen and her friends unmask Viktor in time to save everyone?
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Holeee shit, I didn't expect to be right. Respect for having the guts to embrace the batshit I guess.
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Y'know, it wasn't totally batshit. I mean, there's a lot of suspension of disbelief to keep this show in the air.

The one that really trips me up is the governor. As someone pointed out in an earlier episode, where the hell is her staff? No guv goes to the bathroom without at least one staffer, let alone take a cruise. Second, if a US governor was mysteriously murdered at high sea, the next thing that would happen would be a Navy ship pulling up alongside and very serious people with navy blue windbreakers would be swarming the ship, asking very serious questions.
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