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March 30, 2024 8:37 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

A bold proposition for the Staircase Project puts the group at odds. Will weighs his options. Ye returns to a familiar place.
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Using this ep's page to just give a massive shout-out to the character of Will Downing - I don't know how exactly, but the combination of dialogue and acting plus the edits made what could be a real sadsack of a character in a way that annoyed me into someone who may be a wallflower, but there's dignity to him because it felt like the results of a life deliberately chosen, and not a result of passivity to what the world dished out to him. It's a fine line to tread, considering he's the "secret suitor too chicken to say anything" trope and I appreciate it.
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I thought Will Downing ends up being a huge asshole trying to resolve his unrequited love. I mean, he manages to stick a knife in Jin, and give it a good twist, with the best of intentions. That's some pretty heavy shit to drop on someone after you check out, deny her even a chance to at least thank him.

Maybe that's exactly the kind of misapplied affection that pushed her away to begin with.
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I can go with that reading but crucially for me, that works from the pov of someone reacting on Jin's behalf IF Will had ever wanted to let her know in the first place. Wade was the one who spilled the beans (for psychological control reasons) didn't he? This is primary/grade school politics on who has the moral right to let your crush know about your crush imo (lol) and it must be mortifying for both if it's the class monitor dropping the gossip (because why? Why would the class head do that? That's just not cool, unless...). Will didn't leave behind (a fairly standard cliche for this trope) a lovelorn message to make Jin feel bad. It's which cliches which got activated for me that makes the distinction.
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