Steve!: (Martin) A Documentary in 2 Pieces
March 31, 2024 3:52 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

AppleTV+ TV show (very short show, really) in two parts about (a) Steve Martin's career from childhood to 1980, and (b) current day reflections on his career, how life is going with the new wife and kid, etc. NPR review here.

I really enjoyed "Now." I started watching him in his white-haired 80's movie era and I didn't realize was in the 70's, hah. Very different dynamic he had going back then, bouncing with energy in a Robin Williams sort of way, and meanwhile going to college for study comedy. I'm going to have to get his books from the library now. I admit I preferred "Now" because it was more fun and I hadn't seen as much of his work then.

I have always wondered how Steve went from "Wild and Crazy Guy" and energetic 80's movie guy to his much more sober self these days, which this seems to sort of cover, I guess--he's always had a melancholy side. This is at least a bit more fun than he's seemed to be in quite some time. Sounds like he got married the first time because he felt like he had to. I am uncomfortable with huge marital age differences, but Anne seems nice and nerdy. Martin Short hangs around and is fun.
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I didn't realize was in the 70's, hah.

Steve's been around long enough to have his own cool Elvis gun story.
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Part 1 was terrific, part 2 lost me after 20-30 minutes.
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I just went out and got "Born Standing Up" and "Number One Is Walking" at the library, and they certainly do go along with this. I'd say Part 1 covers the same material as the first book, but the film bit is more lively. Steve is pretty stilted in that book, saying that he feels like he's writing about a different person then, and it shows. "Number One Is Walking" (the book he's working on in Part 2) is cute and has great illustrations and I enjoyed the stories, but then it turns into nothing but cartoons, some of which are funnier than others.
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A Wealth of Pigeons is really good too if you dig their cartoons from Number One is Walking.
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