Delicious in Dungeon: Kelpie/Porridge/Broiled In Sauce
April 1, 2024 8:00 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Finally reaching an underground lake at the base of the castle, the party - and Senshi in particular - gets a valuable lesson in the reality of wild monsters being exactly that. And as Team Touden crosses the lak, they wind up finding out personally how one very large predator can throw off the ecosystem...

This is a pretty dense episode overall, and helps to illustrate that the threat level of the dungeon grows the deeper one gets. But first we get a short scene of Team Kabru getting revived after their runin with the treasure insects - and unaware of said monsters, head off in pursuit of Team Touden for "stealing" their belongings (read: cooking up the treasure insects that got them in first place.) We then flip to Team Touden, rested and filled with mimic, now cleaning up before continuing. Marcille offers to help wash Senshi's beard, noting that the dirt will make him resistant to support magic,before realizing that her supply of in the pack she lost when they faced the red dragon.

Finally reaching the lake, the party prepares to cross using a water-walking spell, but Marcille's warning earlier winds up being prescient as the spell refuses to adhere to Senshi. He says not to worry, as he's befriended a kelpie here (which he's named Anne), which he can ride across. Of course, anyone who knows what kelpies are - like Laios - knows that this has Bad Idea written all over it, and he's sadly proven right as Anne promptly attempts to drown and eat Senshi, forcing the party to kill Anne in self-defense. Chastised and saddened, Senshi begins to butcher Anne's corpse, at which Marcille asks for some of the fat. Using it, she prepares soap, and promptly puts it to use scrubbing Senshi's beard clean - and with that, her water walking spell now adheres to the dwarf.

While Senshi and Marcille are engaged in their prep, Laios spots something floating on the lake in the distance - and it turns out that the "something" is Team Kabru, once again wiped out due to a lack of prep. And again, Laios and Chilchuck place their bodies for the corpse revivers to find, while picking up barley that they spilled out. We also see Laios accidentally figure out a new way to deal with sirens - sing so utterly horribly that they leave them alone out of sheer disgust. The erstwhile lead of the party also contemplates chowing down on fishman - an idea that Chilchuck very quickly nixes, pointing out that they agreed that demihumans were off limits. Returning back, Laios uses the barley to make porridge with mimic and kelp from the fishmen (which, unbeknownst to the rest of the party contains fishman roe - something that Chilchuck calls Laios out on later.)

With the party prepped to cross, Team Touden does so, only to be attacked by a school of bladefish, which Marcille deals with via the magical equivalent of dynamite fishing - getting chastised by Senshi for doing so because it does too much damage to the ecosystem. But bladefish aren't normally that aggressive, which means something is disrupting the lake's ecosystem - said something being a kraken intent on making Team Touden its meal. Working together, Senshi and Marcille come up with a novel solution - use the water walking spell to pull the kraken out, so Senshi can hit its vital point, killing it. With the kraken now dead, Senshi pulls a parasite out of the the creature, filleting it and roasting it over the fire. Of course, Laios decides to try some raw - and pays the price with gastrointestinal distress as the parasites in the parasite do a number on the tallman's tummy.
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Oh, this episode has a number of Trigger's running gag for the series. Trigger is a bit...notorious for doing panty shots (after all, this is the studio that made Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt and Kill la Kill.) However, with Delicious in Dungeon, "panty" shots have been centered around one character in particular - the quite clearly male dwarf Senshi.
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Trigger did some chapter rearranging, which resulted in us getting to see hair being used in magic (Team Kabru discovering Marcille's wards on their wrists) before we hear about it.

You have to wonder if the kraken was there because The Mad Mage is now aware of our heroes' presence.

The Senshi panty shots are a running gag in the original manga, although Trigger manages to work in a couple more here and there.
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If you're curious about the episode construction and how the manga relates, YouTuber Swamp Jawn has a series of videos breaking down each episode of the series. Here's his take on Episode 7.
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