Grey's Anatomy: Season Twenty
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Imagine a young soldier, finishing his first tour in the US military... perhaps he is a sniper... maybe he drives a tank... but this soldier was not born when Grey's Anatomy premiered in 2005.
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We crapped out early in season 19 (maybe 18?), but these posts are a tradition of mine. And the show just got renewed for season 21. So, we forge onward.
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Are spoilers allowed? I'm wondering if there are any situations that involve workplace politics or romantic complications before I dive in.
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Spoilers are fine in FF! Up to the latest episode.

I’m catching up and will come back when I’ve watched the latest 2.
posted by ellieBOA at 1:09 PM on April 3

I started to answer that question literally but then realized the entire show is workplace politics or romantic complications, periodically broken up by medical procedures. So then, I loled instead.
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