Delicious in Dungeon: Raspberries/Grilling Meat
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Marcille thinks back on how she and Falin first met at school, and how she taught the elf valuable lessons about how there's more to the world than what's in books. Unfortunately, her ablutions wind up creating a very angry water spirit with murder on its mind...

After the heavily packed prior episode, this one is more relaxed pacing-wise. We start off with Marcille having a very relatable moment, waking up from a dream where she was late to school, only to find that she's back in the camp, with Laios finally resting after his bout of food poisoning. This results in questions about why she woke with a start, and so she recounts her time at school. Marcille points out she was a by the book honors student at the school, always doing well - but during a practical experiment in building a simulated dungeon, she (and the other students) are astounded at the performance of the dungeon by the "odd" girl in the class, whom Marcille begs to show her how she did it. And so the two go on an outing, in which the girl shows Marcille that her book studies - while valuable - are wholly inadequate for what she want to do, and that she needs to gain practical experience and understanding if she wants to make dungeons that can be farmed. With this, she asks the girl if they can be friends and she agrees, introducing herself - Falin Touden.

At this point, Laios manages to wake, noting that he had gotten letters from his little sister in school, and how her demeanor changed when she and Marcille became friends - and she spoke highly of the elven mage. Marcille notes that Falin was very praising of Laios as well (though she notes that perhaps how she praised Laios - as being rather doglike - is perhaps something to keep between her and Falin.) With that, the party makes plans for how to reach the red dragon's location, letting Laios rest for a bit. Because of this, Marcille heats some water to wipe herself clean, but realizes that she boiled to much water, and so pours the pan out into the lake.

Which, in hindsight, was a bad idea, as she managed to pour it out onto an undine - a water spirit - who takes being doused in boiling water...about as well as anyone else. The problem is that the undine promptly responds by choosing violence, in the form of high pressure jets of water capable of cutting rock. Marcille gets caught out on the lake surface, and gets hit in her leg and shoulder while depleting her mana fighting the undine in the process. Laios manages to ferry her to safety, but with the loss of mana and blood, she's now a liability if they rake her deeper in the dungeon. The blood loss has Laios and Senshi realize that she needs iron-rich foods like organ meats..which means that it's Grilling Time, as they prepare kelpie yakaniku - in particular the liver for the elf mage to eat. The food does much to raise their spirits, but with Marcille injured and low on mana, there's little Team Touden can do, other than hope other adventurers find them - but it seems a party is converging on them, and there's a familiar face among them.
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The first half of this episode is important in establishing why resurrecting Falin is so important to Marcille, as we'll need that context in a few episodes to understand why she makes certain decisions. It also helps lay out her bonds to Team Touden and Laios in particular as well. Finally, it shows more of Marcille's character and goals, helping lay out why she's with Team Touden.

The undine fight helps establish the threat of the lower levels, as well as why having a mage is not optional - which establishes why Marcille being so weakened is such a problem for the party. It also points out that looks are decieving - the undine doesn't look like much of a threat, being a ball of water...that can fire hydrojets capable of cutting stone.

As with the other episodes, Swamp Jawn has a breakdown of the episode's animation and how it adapts the source material that's worth a watch as well.
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Note that in Marcille's flashback, a student mentions that summoning magic isn't her main field of study. I wonder what is...

The dungeon jars look a lot like crude batteries.

Falin mentions that raspberries and grasshoppers aren't poisonous. Japanese doesn't distinguish b/t poisonous and venomous, but it may be that Falin has already eaten some unusual things.

It's a little more clear in the manga, but Falin was specifically complimenting her brother on one weird trick--imitating a dog--rather than his personality in general.

This is perhaps the best food segue after the Holy Water, going from Marcille's grave condition to BBQ in a couple seconds.
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Falin mentions that raspberries and grasshoppers aren't poisonous. Japanese doesn't distinguish b/t poisonous and venomous, but it may be that Falin has already eaten some unusual things.

It's more about the difference in their backgrounds. Falin grew up in a subsistence household in the country, while Marcille is the child of court mages. So it's completely unsurprising that Falin knows how to safely forage while Marcille doesn't. To the latter's credit, she acknowledges this is a major gap in her knowledge that impedes her goals.
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