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At age 70, Franklin outmaneuvered British spies and French informers while engineering the Franco-American alliance of 1778.

Thoughts after episode 3:

* Michael Douglas is quite interesting as Franklin. Everyone else (especially most of the French), not so much.
* I love how Lafayette looks exactly like the original one and is as enthusiastic as you'd expect.
* I rather enjoyed Tanner and Lafayette's insta-friendship. Tanner drunk and partying, less so. I'm really not sure why his dad's in jail?
* Interesting choice to bring a printing press to France, sir.
* Franklin basically admits he wasn't that into his wife. His new French lady friend seems to feel the same about her husband.
* There's lots and lots and lots of actual French with subtitles on this show. I do kind of have to agree with the person complaining on IMDB that the show is really filmed dark (like everything else...sigh) as well.

I dunno, I may stick with it for all eight. Anyone else try it?
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On the list (yet another), but will try and boomer rang back here with thoughts on the first episode!
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Watching episode 4. Hmmm. So far I like Franklin. I am not fascinated by all the pompous French people, though, and this show appears to be mostly pompous French people.
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Okay, "You are going to make a splendid pair and I am going to take a piss" and Franklin somehow agreeing to marry his teen nephew off just got funny.

Also, did they get the kid to sign off on some bad things and he wasn't paying attention?

Just what you needed: to be drunk, pissing, and interrupted by John Adams.
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John Adams being a jerk and being thrown out and Franklin calling him out for it is a delight. Meanwhile, Tanner turns into a French 'tudey young man. "I'm a MAN now," "no, you're just another arrogant French jerk" is the vibe.

Here is a podcast on the show.
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Actual lines: "Would you say the king likes you?" "Well, he did not have me strangled."

Also, Franklin is propositioned for sex and tells the lady he has a rash and gouty legs. Come to me, you unplucked flower!

Gross disgusting young males are eternal. "I loathe you all and wish you nothing but an eternal dose of the clap!"
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Yeah, I'm clearly the only one watching this. Episode 7, where is Franklin? It's just Temple (possibly) knocking up an actress, who gets an abortion, and then Temple drinks and whores around and gets into fights.

Honestly, Michael Douglas is great, but seriously....all....these...French...people...and....arrogant...attitudes and so much French. It's a lot. It's a lot lot lot. Pompous people everywhere. I realize that's exactly the point, but maybe that's why it hasn't caught on (besides Apple TV).
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Yeah, I finished it. Too much Frenchness. Temple's decided to be a gross young male. Franklin goes home.
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Thanks to my declaration to watch it above (and I have watched 7 minutes of it so far!), I've been following your updates with appreciation.

With the French campaigning against each other for front of the guillotine line, would you still recommend watching or just lowering expectations?
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Honestly, I'm not sure. I had to look up recaps on my phone to get the political plots. Michael Douglas, John Adams and ladies were interesting. The Frenchness got really hard to take. REALLY hard to take. Probably a 2 star review from me because everything non-Franklin was much.
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jenfullmoon, if it's any consolation, I am watching now, though am only up to episode 3 with the Chevalier d'Éon just having arrived.

I'm just waiting for Adams to show up, because so far this is moving at a glacial pace toward the alliance in February 1778. It seems 1777 is going to be a long slog of Frenchy Frenchness and so.many.bad.wigs.

Michael Douglas is very charming, but in my mind, 1776's Howard da Silva will always be Franklin.
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