Sugar: Boy in the Corner
April 26, 2024 5:50 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Melanie gets a surprise visit that unleashes Sugar's dark side. Ruby receives chilling guidance from a colleague. Davy makes a tragic decision.

"I'll do better tomorrow."

The rough cut. Fuck this town. Parental dismissal. Davy never had to grow up. Ruby touches grass. The mythical boyfriend intercedes. The night of the hunter. Wilford Brimley namedrop. That's a wrap on Davy.
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Starting to wonder why this is 30ish minute episodes over eight instead of four or five hour-long episodes. Not enough is happening each episode. I haven't slipped into hate-watch yet because it's still mysterious and stylish enough, but it's moved from must-watch to completionist-watch.

I'm still not ruling out aliens. I'd also accept something close to the Lovecraft-adjacency of Kiss Me Deadly (1955)
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Admit I have not seen this most recent episode. I enjoy the series so far, but mostly I find myself in a meta-enjoyment, because it seems obvious that there is going to be a massive rug-pull revealing that what we have been seeing/hearing is not at all what it seems. Aliens, drugs, hypnotism, clones, ghosts, afterlife, androids, something akin to cult-programming. Something.

It's a show in 2024. This Sugar character cannot be as-is. Plus with all the movie-centric themes, it feels like there HAS to be a rug-pull about how what we see is not what is real (" dreams on the magical silver screen")

Maybe I'm wrong! But I find myself mostly just waiting, almost bracing myself, for the rug-pull.
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"I have a secret."

"Tell me."

"I can't. Not for another episode, maybe two."
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Count me in as another person who’s enjoying this but really wishing it were hour-long episodes instead of 30 minute episodes.

My theory about Sugar and the mysterious group of polyglots is that they’re aliens who are on Earth to observe humans (they aren’t supposed to intervene, just observe). Sugar happens to have done a lot of his learning about humans by watching old Hollywood movies.
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hurdy gurdy girl, that's my husband's theory, too.
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I'm leaning towards androids.
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See, this is exactly what happened to M. Night Shyamalan. After a while you're too busy trying to work out what the huge twist that will redefine everything you thought you understood is going to be, and you can't even engage with the story on it's own level anymore.

At least in this case, we haven't all realized what that twist is going to be in the first 10 minutes and spent the whole series going, no, it can't be that. He's got to have something better than that up his sleeve, right? *cough* The Village *cough*
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My favorite line of this episode was Sugar's calm "You're not going to be able to make me leave, Kenny". I wish I knew how to intimidate people like that.
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I'm thoroughly enjoying it, regardless of whether or not there's a massive twist at the end. I'm along for the ride.
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I'm not actually completely sure there will be a twist in the now traditional sixth sense. Granted I haven't watched this weeks episode. But Sugar might just be an ex-spy who takes on private work and has a dark past? The thing with the movie clips feels like post-modern metacommentary. The real twist would be if at the end they pull back and it's all been on movie sets all along.
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ok apparently there was a twist in this weeks episode. nevermind
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I've been thinking aliens with a Prime Directive to follow or possibly time travelers who are trying to prevent something but not mess up the time stream too badly. The reference to The Thing last week would seem to point towards aliens, I guess.

I'm a lot more interested in the meta-story than the frankly kind of tepid surface detective story, though I'm enjoying the cast a lot.
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