Top Chef: Sausage Race
May 2, 2024 4:39 PM - Season 21, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Bryan Voltaggio joins Kristen for a two-part Quickfire Challenge testing the chefs’ flambé and charring skills. Amar Santana heads to the kitchen with the famous Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs divide into two teams and compete in a head-to-head race at American Family Field (home of the Brewers) where they’ll serve sausage-forward dishes to a panel of experts, including former Brewer Ryan Braun and actress Brittany Snow.
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Rasika better show up on this franchise again is all I’m saying after LCK. Hopefully OCDanny will pick her as sous if he makes it to the finale.

Varsity tomboy butch, Kristen, 🔥

Why risotto. Why why whyyyyyy
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God damn, Ryan Braun, that name is a blast from the past.

I love that Tom was finally able to say someone went home on a good dish.
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Noooo Rasika! Don't go for quantity over quality, and fail to deliver either! While neither of them got over a 2 (ouch), he got more 2s, and delivered more dishes.
Michelle continues to deliver. With Rasika gone, I think that she's the front runner. I think that only one chef made their own sausage, which was unexpected. It was a fun challenge, and I loved the Sausage Guys.
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I’m now rooting hard for both halves of DAMANDA! Disability power!! Blerd power!!
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Kevin got a 3 on his first dish. I think both of them would have done better on LCK if they took the time to knock out a few lower-effort dishes with the hope of picking up a few extra points. They were allowed 9 dishes, and Rasika only ending up doing four. She undercooked the rice on her first dish, and I think the time management of the challenge really got away from her.

It was interesting to see everyone do well on the sausage challenge, it didn’t sound like there were any really bad dishes, even though most of the voting rounds were lopsided. I thought Dan was a goner because his dish didn’t seem at all remarkable, especially in its use of bratwurst.

Looks like it could come down to Danny or Michelle, but I still like Soo’s chances.
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