Missing (1982)
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[TRAILER] In 1973, U.S. businessman Ed Horman (Jack Lemmon) arrives in Chile to look for his son, Charles (John Shea), a politically left-leaning journalist who disappeared during a military coup. Charles' wife, Beth (Sissy Spacek), has been looking for some time, but her requests for help from the U.S. consulate have thus far produced few results. As Ed and Beth try to figure out what really happened to Charles, Ed realizes that the American officials may know more than they're telling.

Also starring Joe Regalbuto, Melanie Mayron, Charles Cioffi.

Directed by Costa-Gavras. Screenplay by Costa-Gavras, Donald E. Stewart. Based on The Execution of Charles Horman: An American Sacrifice, a 1978 book by Thomas Hauser. Produced by Edward Lewis, Mildred Lewis for Polygram Pictures. Cinematography by Ricardo Aronovich. Edited by Fran├žoise Bonnot. Music by Vangelis.

In 1983, a year after the film's theatrical release, both the film (then in the home video market) and Thomas Hauser's book The Execution of Charles Horman were removed from the United States market following a lawsuit filed against Costa-Gavras and Universal Pictures's (then) parent company MCA by former ambassador Nathaniel Davis and two others for libel. A lawsuit against Hauser himself was dismissed because the statute of limitations had expired. Davis and his associates lost their lawsuit, after which the film was re-released by Universal in 2006.

94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently only available in the US if you locate a physical copy. JustWatch listing.
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"You Americans, you always assume you must do something before you can be arrested."
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It was a risk to put Jack Lemmon in a dramatic role but it really paid off. Certainly a must-watch film.
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In the disc extras, Costa-Gavras said that Lemmon was his first choice. Keith Gordon, in an interview, says that was because the director thought Lemmon was someone that Americans accepted as quintessentially American, no matter their politics.
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The Criterion DVD is back in print! It was gone for a while. Hopefully they can bump up to BR or 4K.
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Hating Jack Lemmon is like hating Michael J Fox: basically impossible and if you do manage to achieve it, that's jut messed up.
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I bought the Indicator/Powerhouse Films release from the UK, which is so much like an Arrow release in packaging and extras that I have triple checked to make sure they aren't a subsidiary.

It's a nice release, if you have a region free player.
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Also by Costa-Gavras, and worth a watch, "Z"
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