The Amazing Digital Circus: Pilot
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From Glitch, and created by Youtube animator Gooseworx. In a wacky 3D virtual world set in a circus, a new human arrives! But she immediately finds herself trapped there, and unable to recall their name. Rechristened Pomni, she meets several other trapped humans, some who have been there for years, and who daily try to keep their sanity while being subjected to frequent wacky hijinx, created by the crazy ringmaster Caine. If they don't, they become "abstracted" and turn into an eyeball blob monster. In the show's own description: "The Amazing Digital Circus is a psychological dark comedy about cute cartoon characters who hate their lives and want to leave🎪😀"

I made a Blue post on this a couple of months ago. The second episode just came out, so I'm giving it the Fanfare treatment.

The characters:
Pomni: The protagonist. A short jester who is shown in all merch depictions as being very sad.
Caine: The ringmaster of the circus. He's an AI character, not a human, and has godlike powers in the digital world, able to create and destroy things at will. He creates wacky adventures for the human characters to try to keep them sane. He's not evil, but as creator Gooseworx says, there are several human emotions he simply doesn't feel.
Ragatha: A Raggedy Ann-inspired character. Tries to stay upbeat and helpful.
Jax: A tall purple rabbit person. Sociopathic, just wants to do cool things without heed for the other characters, but he has many of the best jokes.
Kinger: A tall chess king in a regal robe and askew eyes. Has memory issues and is comedy-crazy. He's been there the longest.
Gangle: A ribbon creature with a drama mask face. Technically they have comedy and tragedy masks, but the comedy one frequently seems to get broken.
Zooble: A being made of several parts that just sort of float around each other. Does whatever they can to avoid taking part in Caine's adventures.
Bubble: Another AI character, looks kind of like a translucent version of a Chain Chomp from Mario games. Often engages in comedic exchanges with Caine.

We see in passing several humanoid figures that look like animator posing dummies. These are "NPCs," created by Caine, to round out the circus world. Not all the NPCs look so plain. NPCs become a more important part of the next episode.

When walking the halls of the circus, the characters pass by several rooms with portraits of other characters on them. In addition to the characters we've met, there are several others who aren't around the circus. Presumably they're past denizens of the circus who became abstracted. One of them is a female version of Kinger. Fans have dubbed her "Queenie."

Over the empty computer monitor in the exit was the logo for a company: C&A.

After this episode came out and exploded (it's gotten 313 million views), Glitch released a short video recognizing its popularity and promoting show merchandise.
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