The Amazing Digital Circus: Candy Carrier Chaos!
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The day after Pomni's arrival, Caine gives the group a new adventure, to protect a tanker delivering maple syrup to a Candy Kingdom from bandits. Jax is excited at the prospect of violence, but Zooble is apathetic and stalks off. But in the Candy Kingdom, Pomni finds an unexpected kindred spirit.

The main characters generally realize that Caine's adventures are meaningless, but it's something to do to avoid going crazy and abstracting.

The character Pomni meets in the Candy Kingdom is Gummigoo, who, it is assumed, is the AI that Caine was describing to Zooble.

In the first scene, Pomni glitches into a block into her room and is thrown away from it. It seems the Circus has a faulty physics engine. This glitching becomes an important part of the episode's story.

Beneath the Candy Kingdom, there is a vast expanse of space filled with floating teapots, a reference to the Utah Teapot, a old test for 3D renderers.

At the bottom of the expanse is a holodeck-like void with models of the various characters and props used in the episode, where Gummigoo has an existential crisis.

At the end of the episode, in a nice moment, the characters have a funeral for their abstracted friend Kaufmo.
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Also: the "splash" graphic and sound effect then the bandit is being dragged behind the truck is a direct reference to the popular Steam game Pizza Tower!
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