Hacks: Season 3
May 12, 2024 1:24 PM - Season 3 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Our story resumes: the continuing adventures of Deborah Vance, legendary Las Vegas stand-up comedy diva, and Ava Daniels, a young comedy writer.
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I feel like this season is firing on all cylinders. It's very funny and likeable. It does a better job of incorporating pop culture references than most shows!
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It was nice to see that Deborah and Ava were wrong about how DJ's material would be received by the audience at the roast. She needed that win.
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On a similar note to DJ needing a win, I like the character development in Kayla - she’s a much more interesting/believable assistant if she’s successful every once in a while. Love that she got Jimmy on the pickleball court with Winnie and that she was a passable pickleball player herself.
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The “I understand you now, mom” after the roast was devastatingly good writing.
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Oh yes, the acceptance in "it's ok, mom, addicts always hurt the ones they love," coming from DJ, was so powerful.

I also dearly love that this show avoided the standard cringe comedy route at the roast, where I thought for sure that either Deborah or DJ was going to bomb miserably, or the jokes aimed their way would be too savage and not received well by them. Refreshing, like so much of the rest of the season so far.
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I'm loving this season so far! I think this is a tough show to get right - you really gotta know how to write comedy to make a show about writing comedy really work. And for all the broad characters in there, the central relationships feel so real.

I just wish Helen Hunt had allowed herself to age naturally.
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I like that she essentially works for John Oliver, reading hours of material on the destruction of coral reefs to write comedy about it.

I'm feeling really mixed about Ava torpedoing her romantic relationship to work with Deborah. She's clearly very drawn to Deborah and energized by her, but her relationship also seemed good. Are we meant to feel that they were growing apart?

Maybe the ambiguity is the point, and Ava is still not quite where she needs to be.
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I think we're meant to see that Ava's personal and professional lives were incompatible, and in the end, she chose her professional life. And I like that Ava's decision has a cost to it.

I've watched the most recent two episodes, and the guest stars were so good. I also really love seeing Jimmy and Kayla succeed without taking Jack Danby down.
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I thought the Christmas episode really worked, especially by leaving tensions amongst family members unresolved.

I'm not sure if the Late Night news will be good or bad for the show's development, but I trust the writing team enough to see if they can make it work.
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