Panic Room (2002)
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A divorced woman and her diabetic daughter take refuge in their newly-purchased house's safe room when three men break-in, searching for a missing fortune.

JustWatch listing. Streaming on Prime as of this posting but leaves in 10 days.
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One of the many reasons we don't have bearer bonds anymore!
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The shoot was famously fraught. The DP Darius Khondji left during pre-production in a quit/fired situation and was replaced by Conrad W. Hall. Then Hayden Panettiere dropped out just before shooting started, being replaced with Kristen Stewart.

The film shot for two weeks with Nicole Kidman in the lead, only to find out she had a fracture below one of her knees left over from shooting Moulin Rouge, causing her to bow out. Possible strikes from WGA/SAG were looming, so they didn't want to shut down and get derailed while trying to restart later. They shot around the lead role for a while, then Jodie Foster's longtime dream project Flora Plum also lost its star (Russell Crowe) to injury, making her available. And then a few weeks into shooting, Foster found out she was pregnant, which they then had to shoot around, this becoming more complicated as Foster developed a sprained hip and distended ligaments as side effects of her pregnancy.
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Me: it doesn't matter whether actors look like they could be related! If it really bothers you, come up with the appropriate head canon (half siblings, adoption, whatever) and move on!

Also me: wow, Kristen Stewart as Jodie Foster's daughter is so inspired, they have the same face.
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Here's a making of video of the lengthy one shot sequence.
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Wait a minute, Jodie was trying to get pregnant *while filming a movie?!*
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I remember really enjoying this movie when it came out. I also remember thinking at the time that this Kristen Stewart girl made a really strong impression and could probably be a great actress if she wanted...
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I had not heard about the fraught mess of the shoot! That’s, uh, that’s a lot there.
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