Justified: Sounding
February 19, 2015 6:51 AM - Season 6, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Raylan turns to an old friend for help after Ava makes a drastic decision.

The return of Patton Oswalt as Constable Bob Sweeney and his Death Star balls.
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I am not following the current Boyd scheme very well. Can anybody explain what it is they're doing with the old mine and the blackdamp? Does the old mine just happen to come up close to the underground vault in the pizza place, and they're going to tunnel into it? Or was it something else? (If it's the former, it seems like somebody should have come up with this idea before, when it was a working mine and an actual bank?)

I loved Jeff Fahey as Ava's uncle Zachariah. I had to go look it up because I was so sure we'd already seen him on this show, but nope. Hooray, some of Ava's unbalanced family in the mix!
posted by aabbbiee at 6:56 AM on February 19, 2015

Yeah I'm not sure what he's doing either. The Previously On Justified clips seemed to emphasize that they were looking for a lot of explosives, maybe they expect to find some in the mine?
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I was assuming the mine ran close to (underneath?) the bank vault basement. I'm not sure about the explosives. Though, I have to think any explosives down there are seriously unstable by now. But, yeah, I'm having trouble following it, too. Couldn't they have simply grabbed whatever explosives the (now blown up) safecracker had?

And Goggins is really playing Boyd as buoyant, smiling, happy..which seems really weird. Unless Boyd's bullshitting everyone and intends to skip with the cash himself.

Ava's steadily going insane, which doesn't bode well. At least her cover story held-up (for now) under cattle-prodding.

I'm still unsure about Raylan. It's almost as if he and Boyd have exchanged characters...Boyd's now kind of cocksure and happy-go-lucky-ish, while Raylan seems really damned serious and threatening.
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I was disappointed in the Ava & Raylan kiss. I was never into them as a couple. I liked Ava the Bonnie to Boyd's Clyde much better.
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I don't know that I have the words to convey the sadness that I felt when I realized that we would not be getting a B plot about Wynn Duffy and Mike babysitting Katherine Hale's grandkids; the cattle prod was insufficient to make up for it. I would pay a bank vault full of money for a series about those two traveling the country in the Wynn-ebago having wacky adventures.

Choo-Choo is like the anti-Dewey Crowe. Dewey was morally reprehensible, but that was balanced out by his being completely ineffectual and more likely to be the victim than the perpetrator of any serious wrongdoing. Choo-Choo on the other hand is impaired enough that it's hard to assign him moral agency, but he is terrifyingly effective (even if, as demonstrated this episode, his effectiveness works against his employers' actual goals).

I had found Bob annoying during most of season four, but the Bob vs. YOLO scene is deep in the running for being my favorite fight in all of television, so I loved him by the end of the season. Not sure how I feel about him this season yet. I think that living through 2014 has made the "law enforcement officers being dicks with their authority" thing that Justified does a lot harder to stomach; Bob's certainly not the only character on the show who gets involved in those kinds of plots, but unlike the others, he doesn't have a whole lot else to fall back on, narratively.

I feel like the show is playing it safe by sticking to things that have worked for it in the past. Using veterans as a storytelling shortcut to explain where all these guys who are uncommonly capable and comfortable with violence are coming from is a well that this show has visited before (Arlo, Boyd, Tim and Colt set the theme; Ty, Seabass and Choo-Choo being its ultimate expression). A mastermind criminal with three underlings (one smart, one mean, and one dumb as a post) has also been the Justified way for a while now: Johnny, Devil and Dewey for Boyd; Doyle, Dickie and Coover for Mags; now Ty, Seabass and Choo-Choo for Avery. The formula is working better for me this season than it did in season five, but it still hasn't built up enough momentum to be as good as it was in seasons two or four.
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Boyd said something about an adit in this episode. My reading is that the safecracker blowing himself up has forced Boyd & co. to consider a different plan of assault to get at the money. Thus the rapprochement with Ava's uncle, whose mining expertise they need. They're going to tunnel to the safe and presumably remove it completely from the vault, so that they can crack it elsewhere, since they no longer have a line on a source of emulex nor a safecracker capable of opening it on site.
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They're going to tunnel to the safe and presumably remove it completely from the vault, so that they can crack it elsewhere...

Have you noticed the size of that vault? It's built into the basement of the used-to-be bank, is larger than most tiny-homes, and probably weighs several dozens of tons. There's no way they're going to move it. If anything, I suspect they're going to tunnel under the vault and come up through the floor inside.
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Does anyone else think that they've been showing off Boyd's Nazi tattoos a lot more this season than in the past couple of seasons? I think they showed those less during the seasons when Boyd wasn't the worst bad guy on the show, and while he was in a romantic relationship with Ava, and while he was often working with Raylan.

But now that we're back to heading more or less directly on a straight route to a Boyd-Raylan-Ava showdown (with the resurfacing of the Raylan+Ava ship), we're seeing more references to that Nazi past and reminders that, yeah, Boyd is still a bad guy (even if we hate Avery and Catherine more).
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I did notice in the first episode of the season, they had a scene that seemed designed to expressly show Boyd's nazi ink (Well, that and Goggins' physique.)

I seemed to recall Boyd having more tattoos than what was shown then, though my memory may be faulty on that point.
posted by Thorzdad at 9:41 AM on February 20, 2015

It's nice to see Wynn can still be crazy. I guess the writers put that trait on the back burner in favor of him being eccentric but competent.
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It occurred to me last night that the entire purpose of this "tunneling into the vault" plot is probably to set up Raylan and Boyd having their final confrontation in a coal mine. I'm hoping that's not the case, because it feels a bit too symbolic if that's how things go down.
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Choo-choo is interesting enough (and the actor seems like a good guy on reddit) that I'm happy he was able to actually Amtrak a guy on camera. That already puts him one step above Danny Crowe going on and on about his 21-foot rule.
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Late to the party, but I was hoping Ava and Raylan would kiss! Loved the sexual tension that has been building, and I for one am happy to see them circling each other properly once again. Saw it coming though once Bob conveniently reminded Raylan how hawt Ava is.
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