Raging Grace (2023)
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An undocumented Filipina immigrant lands a job as a care-worker for a terminal old man, securing a better life for her and her daughter. But something is not right about the man's niece, Catherine.

Joy is desperately working to get her visa "fixed" so she will no longer have to secretly live with her daughter Grace in the houses she cleans. Grace acts out by playing tricks on her mother (putting gravy in the coffee pot for example).

Things are getting dire when an opportunity falls into her. A cleaning and caring for an unresponsive dying man and his niece Katherine. Joy is invited to live in the house and smuggles her daughter in as well. But something is off about how Katherine treats the unconscious and dying man. Grace notices several suspicious things around the house herself.
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This is a hard one because the plot is fairly labyrinthine and the social commentary is VERY on the nose. Having said that there is are genuine scares and the acting is pretty solid. It's also another firm entry in the horror film dominated by annoying child subgenre.
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