The Bikeriders (2023)
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After a chance encounter, headstrong Kathy is drawn to Benny, member of Midwestern motorcycle club the Vandals. As the club transforms into a dangerous underworld of violence, Benny must choose between Kathy and his loyalty to the club.
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Not sure about this. Great atmosphere. Fantastic visuals inspired by the photography book it's based. The period clothes were amazing, looking really lived in not just temporary costume.

But the lack of much real plot leaves the movie lower on energy than it should be. Not sure about the performances either. It's great acting but it's also like they're gritting their teeth because they're Acting. So. Hard.
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I wasn't sure about it, either, though I did like the performances. Maybe it would have been better if had actually seemed like Benny was torn between Kathy and the club, but really, he didn't seem that attached to either. It felt like he wanted to ride motorcycles and was just irritated that anyone was trying to place any demands on him at all.
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Thanks for posting that interview Antihero - wonderful. This film has grown and grown on me. After seeing it you can disregard the skeletal, (near cliche), plot points re: drugs ruining things/young usuper comes for the boss ala GOODFELLAS and CARLITO'S WAY and focus on the acting and atmosphere.

The film has this amazing starting advantage in Danny Lyon's book which provide such evocative visuals AND amazing soliloquies for the actors. When the picture started I was kind of stunned, thinking, "holy crap they're just using the photobook's text verbatim", and that's exactly what they did - giving the movie this amazing verisimilitude that offsets the above-mentioned classical, (if not cliched), plot.

Am going to see it's just wormed itself into me - watching Austin Butler felt like I was watching a young Paul Newman, it's like he's carved out of marble. I don't know what Tom Hardy was doing but I appreciate the effort...

...and am trying to think of another movie who's entire meaning would be changed if it ended just a few frames earlier. If the film cut before Butler looks back at Kathy and smiles that everything would be different - it's a classical Western tale: the cowboy must become civilized, joining society, (as in the company of woman), if the country is to succeed.

Fascinating film, and man give Wardrobe all the awards.
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give Wardrobe all the awards

Former president of the Ventura Hell's Angels chapter feels like he needs to remind people not to wear MC patches if they're not members.
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