Evil: How to Dance in Three Easy Steps
June 28, 2024 5:47 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

A priest, a skeptic, and a psychiatrist (who is also a skeptic) walk into an utterly bonkers TV show. And this TV show asks: Is it cheating if you're really into a dancing witch's vibe while your husband is recovering for his mental health?

*As a fellow bi, as much as I understand the thrill of a good flirt with the promise of more to come with a hottie, you are still married, girl. But I totally get it.

*Our poor exorcism victim is Kate Bush-ing her way through guilt (she killed her kids) until the demon inside her eventually kills her. Then we find out---

There's a SIGIL on her body! Take a shot, everyone! Take a shot for any and all mentions of sigils, which is a plotline Evil remembers it has to come back to at some point

*David is full on Dad-sweatering in his wardrobe; he looks like a cozy old man

*Speaking of David, I love how when The Entity calls, it pops up on his phone as A Friend instead of Unknown Caller. This means David had to enter it in his phone that way. I would have totally gone with (Not) The Entity

*Kristen gets horned up watching an all-lady dance troupe in the course of their investigations; she uses her flirt powers to get very close one of them. SO MUCH FLIRTING THEN AN INVITE FLIRT FLIRT

*Golf clap for the guys putting two and two together when Kristen got Hot Witch's Deets. She's bi, boys, and hot dancing witches are now on the menu!

*B plot involves remote viewing again and more Christian missionaries. Turns out David is uncomfortable when he appears to feel the anger of their captors. The High Evolutionary does not care

*FUCK OFF SHERYL -- this whole plotline with the baby is irritating me and I refuse to believe for one second that she didn't twig that maybe JUST MAYBE Leland using Andy like a Mid Life Crisis Meat Puppet could possibly hurt her conveniently precious granddaughters oh god I hate this plotline so much

*Anyway, I felt that when Hot Dancing Witch told David that when two men or more gather, it's a church, but when women do it, it's a coven. You're damn right, girl

*Evil uses AI to tell us that it is good somehow, especially if you're trying to sell a book like Dr. Boggs


*...ruined by the clit-blocking killjoys David and Ben.

*Uhhhh, David, I think you know what "vanquished" means. The heads of demonic houses aren't sent to a nice farm upstate.

*Ben Shakir does not Go Through It this time.
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So with you on Sheryl. Like she finally figures out Leland is willing to sacrifice one of her granddaughters. And then, again, instead of taking a moment and trying to figure out how to best deal with the situation to keep everyone safe, she does the most Sheryl thing possible and goes on a rampage, announces her murderous rage by writing in blood, and then waits for Leland to presumably kill him. This is the most amazingly dumb plan, and yet it's so very consistently Sheryl. She trusted Leland still at this late date to not do whatever it takes to forward his agenda, and now thinks she can just easily kill him because she wants. Sigh. I really hope she gets murdered next episode because if she gets a redemption arc I'm going to be furious.

But the Suspiria-esque plot was fun.
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I feel so confused by the Monster of the Week plot with this week's episode. So the La La La Evil Steps troupe is a coven summoning a muse, which is whispering not only to David but also to Kurt, as well as showing up at the dances. But the 'prude' who got kicked out of the coven was actually the demon in charge of the Vanquished House, and had tattooed Hold Me Close Now Infanticide Dancer, and HMCNID had murdered her children for love of the dance, but ultimately it had nothing to do with La La La Evil Steps, and the muse is just kind of a loose spirit that does entirely its own thang, including now visiting Kurt, but not related to the demonic house.


I also feel like Kurt should feel more concerned about his license given that he is now being attributed works by underage kids about cannibal moms? And that maybe this isn't what should inspire him to write? But I guess muse so whatever?
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"had tattooed Hold Me Close Now Infanticide Dancer"

I am dying.

Yeah it's confusing but here's my take. Essentially the episode completely violates Occam's Razor. It's reasonable to assume that the troupe is evil especially considering the impact it has on Kristen. But it was a red herring. I don't think the Muse itself is evil, it's about how people access it. For example, there have been writers who rely on drugs to help them write their stories like Philip K Dick. It's seductive and that seduction manifests in different ways depending on the individual. The dance troupe, for example, access the Muse by dancing in the woods in white. Not evil at all. So I think the Muse is more ambivalent and depends on who is accessing her and how.

To me The Muse is in the same category as Tommy, the demon of grief, a concrete form for something people experience. To some degree, I'm a little shocked Kristen didn't recognize the Muse as being very close to the concept of the Collective Unconscious where the artist is merely a conduit for something greater to express itself. *

So these women were accessing the Muse in a non-evil way. The Prude got involved in the group and targeted HMCNID getting her to kill her children. This way she would have 2 fall guys-the choreographer (who is not Evil just a run of the verbal abusive asshat-they are a sadly common feature in the Arts) or the troupe. And it would have worked too if not for those meddling...assessors.

The thing I'm unclear on is that's a lot of work for not a big win. Like what was the Prude's next move? Not really a great long term plan. Move and start again? How many satanic dance troupes can there be? And let's be honest this pretzel of a plot was just a way of drawing out the investigation with multiple red herrings so it lasted the duration of an entire episode.

*Don't get me started with David criticizing Freud. He may have been the Father of Psychoanalysis, but most of his theories fell out of fashion decades ago with few exceptions like the concept of the Freudian slip. Hell my Psych 101 textbook even poked fun at one of his theories.
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