The Bear: Violet
June 28, 2024 4:17 PM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Sidney gets a new apartment. Marcus finds inspiration.
posted by 1970s Antihero (2 comments total)
I could watch Marcus get through all 5 stages of grief any day of the week. He is by far my favorite character in this show and we must protect him at all costs!

Looked like he was attempting to make some kind of pavlova inspired by the lone white violet? I'm very interested in seeing his progression now that he's moving on from caretaker mode and becoming a truly independent adult able to pursue his own dreams.
posted by Unicorn on the cob at 10:11 AM on July 2 [3 favorites]

I'm enjoying this so far. The opening was riveting, let's hope there is a path for Claire to forgive Carmy's confession, and a way for him to find the balance it would take to be with her.
I was hoping they'd actually show more of Marcus' process. I don't think i'm going out on a limb to posit that his strengths might have swayed the reviewers.
There's been some criticism i've seen of the pace of the season, but honestly I'm just enjoying the writing and spending time with the characters, even though everyone is so completely stressed, the tension is almost another character.
posted by OHenryPacey at 2:45 PM on July 8 [1 favorite]

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