Special Event: Summer 2024 Anime Season / Spring 2024 Wrap-Up
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Initial impressions, reviews, and

Anticipation and Recommandations: First Impressions and Early Reviews: In addition to what you'll be checking out Summer 2024, we can also talk about our thoughts on Spring 2024 now that the season is mostly over.
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For Spring 2024, my seasonal shows were Demon Slayer S4 and Kaiju No 8. Both were perfectly serviceable shows, nothing groundbreaking but entertaining enough to keep me engaged for the whole season.

For Summer 2024 my main course will be Oshi no Ko S2. I'll be doing weekly posts for the episodes as they air, as my schedule permits. There are a handful of other shows that look interesting and I'll watch them if they land on any of the services I'm subscribed to, but I'm not committing to any of them yet. Overall this feels like a wait for the reviews kind of season for me.
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Tower of God S2 should be entertaining. Just maybe avoid the fandom trying to outdo one another over how much they hate Rachel.
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My favorite bit of Kaiju #8 was the time I caught it at the Crunchyroll simulcast and was treated to a slideshow during the commercial break of PSAs. (Warning: Do NOT take selfies with kaiju!) I enjoyed the series well enough but still have a little of the feeling the first episode gave me -- I would totally watch a show just about the kaiju removal service workers.

If you count Delicious in Dungeon that was also a fun Winter/Spring show. From Hulu, of all places, I just finished Go Go Loser Ranger, which posits a Power Ranger (I'm sorry -- "Dragon Keeper") system gone corrupt.

I'm also watching season 7 of My Hero Academia because I can't resist superheroes. This means I will almost certainly try Shy S2 even though Fall's first season started cute and then became excruciatingly sllllooooowwww. That weakness will also inevitably lead me to Suicide Squad Isekai. I have mixed feelings on that one just because all Harley Quinn all the time is already overplayed in western media.
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I know nothing of Deer Anime besides the PVs, but I am, like the broader community, consumed by shikanoko nokonoko koshitantan (CW: nightcore remix for that last one).

The reason I mention knowing nothing is that based solely on the PVs I have not looked forward to an anime this much since Chainsaw Man, not even the second cour of Frieren. If this turns out to sexualize minors I am going to fucking kaiju Japan itself.

For the first time I can recall I want to go find an anime chat community so I can hyperventilate about deer anime with others.

Otherwise looking forward to Suicide Squad Isekai and Tower of God 2.

This last season: Windbreaker was good, Slime was good, Konosuba was good, Demon Slayer was good if surprisingly sedate, and As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I’ll Use My Appraisal Skill was okay. A solid season with nothing remotely approaching Frieren / Vinland / Chainsaw Man.

Rewatched The Apothecary Diaries and went back and watched last year’s Parallel World Pharmacy, which was also okay. I wish we’d gotten another cour of Vending Machine Isekai instead (I’ve read all the Vending Machine Light Novels: it is the single most consistent B+ isekai story ever created, surpassing even Spider Isekai in B+ consistency.).

Related: 7000 points in Japanese Duolingo today, almost beat my record (Turkish). It’s been less than a week and I’m already starting to pick up on the 100 words I know plus bits of writing. I’ve finished the initial familiarization pass on half of the 46 base Hiragana and a third of the 46 base Katakana. As that may indicate: I cannot overstate how much I’m looking forward to deer anime, or how disappointed I will be if it pulls any underage shit.
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So. Over the last few days I played episode zero and then the six regular episodes of Dead Dead Demons DeDeDeDe Destruction and I am not entirely sure what I just watched.
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I still have no idea what to make of Dead Dead Demons.
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Did either of you watch the subtitled version of Dead Dead Demons? I've heard some reports that the subtitles made things more difficult to understand.

It looks like I'll also be watching Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian and VTuber Legend this season, kind of iffy on the Deer show after watching the first episode but I did chuckle at some of the jokes so I'll probably give it another episode or two to see if I really vibe with the humor or not.
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I have read that Dead Dead Demon may benefit from seeking out a fansub. I'm not sure if it's gotten more notable or if I am only just noticing it, but it seems as though Crunchyroll's subtitling quality has taken a dive. Of all the shows which would have benefited from translating onscreen text, this is very much one of them. I know they can do it, because I've seen it on other shows (see Bravern, for example). Instead, we're left to guess things like "3 years ago" or hold Google Lens translate up to the screen. The subtitles aren't even a translation of the Japanese script, just the closed caption of the English dub. This is a show with a *lot* between the lines, and the first few episodes were an exercise in frustration trying to guess what time period any given scene was set in.

That said, I did manage to catch on after a bit and my comment about not being entirely sure what I just watched was mostly about the show itself being twisty and subtle (in a good way).

My Deer Friend is a hard nope for me. I think it's partly that there are clearly a lot of cultural in-jokes I am missing and partly that "hehehe it's snot" is not my personal brand of humor.

Episode one of Shy is mostly there to reintroduce us to all the characters. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that it will take a few more episodes to see where this season is going to take us.

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian and Giji Harem are both cute romcoms but leave me wondering how they are going to fill a whole season with the premise(s).
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Count me as another one who noped out of My Deer Friend. Just not my brand of humor.
This as somebody who laughed themselves silly watching KamiKatsu. Now that was Shitpost: The Anime done right.
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I still have no idea what to make of Dead Dead Demons.

Inio Asano seems to be one of those creators you either love or don't. I couldn't get into their stuff.

Only thing I watched this past season was Laid-Back Camp season 3. The change to a new studio didn't affect things much aside from the new character designs and photorealistic backgrounds, the latter of which worked sometimes, and really didn't work at others.

As for the current season, very curious about The Elusive Samurai since I loved the mangaka's previous work, Assassination Classroom, but nothing else has really caught my attention.
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The new isekais and fantasy shows this season have a lot of "MC lacking in talent but makes up for it with crazy training and/or secret powerful thing and is kicking everyone's ass" and I'm watching all of them!

- I Parry Everything
- Ossan Newbie Adventurer
- Wistoria: Wand and Sword
- Failure Frame
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