Murder, She Wrote: Night of the Headless Horseman   Rewatch 
February 24, 2015 7:23 AM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

"I got a headless body and a bloody saber." "And the wrong suspect." Tonight on Murder She Wrote, Jessica travels to Wenton, Vermont due to an urgent telegram from Dorian Beecher, the new poetry teacher at the very exclusive Wenton Academy. Upon arriving, Jess learns she is to play Dorian's mother, to win the approval of the father of Dorian's new love, Sarah Dupont. Jessica finds herself involved in more than a dubious attempt to win over a skeptical father when a horseman turns up headless, and there are more than enough suspects for the murder.
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I'm confused. Robert Vesco?
posted by mochapickle at 8:24 AM on February 24, 2015

Sorry for the lack of context. Charlotte Newcastle says that Edwin Dupont accused her of being "the biggest thief since Robert Vesco," which meant nothing to me, so I looked Vesco up, and here we are.
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Ahhhhh! Thank you!

I liked this episode and the nods to sleepy hollow threaded through. The ichabod crane character was suitably nebbishy. The Brom Bones character was both brommish and bonesy (Hi Greg Brady!). I was happy the young Katrina character opted for the big city.

Apropos to nothing: Did they ever tell us why Jessica doesn't drive? I'd always assumed she never learned, but now I am wondering if it's somehow related to Frank, if there was some sort of accident and she has sworn off driving forever.
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I'm not sure why she doesn't drive, or how Frank died. Grady's parents died in a car crash, which might be why she doesn't drive. Angela Lansbury liked JB not driving “because it precludes, in a sense, the need for car chases.”
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