Murder, She Wrote: The Corpse Flew First Class   Rewatch 
February 28, 2015 7:28 AM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Jessica is jetting off to England for some research, when she literally bumps into Errol Pogson, who was with the Scotland Yard three years earlier when Jessica was doing more research. The hand of fate that pushed them back together was a paparazzi who dashed into the VIP lounge at the airport to snap candid shots of Sonny Greer, who was on her way with her bodyguard to the Royal Gala, with her Empress Catherine necklace. While in transit, the necklace is stolen, and her bodyguard dies. Can Jessica solve the case before they get to England?
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A top contender for my most favorite M,SW episode so far! I'm already a sucker for the murder-in-a-closed environment format. The villain was worthy. The suspects were delightful. Kate Mulgrew was particularly wonderful, purring in her fur stole (that voice!).

Plus, it's got the added bonus of being the perfect '80s air travel time capsule:

- Jessica is free to knock on the cockpit door and approach the cockpit at will
- The pilot is perfectly fine leaving the cockpit empty and on autopilot for an indeterminate period of time to hunt for jewelry
- Passengers have easy access to crew storage
- There's a smoking section!
- And roomy seats!
- First class passengers enter the plane directly from a delightful lounge area, moments before liftoff
- Pearl from Diff'rent Strokes can carry whatever she likes in her knitting bag, and both she and her husband can act shifty and suspicious throughout the flight, unchecked by anyone
- Jessica can hang out in the hallway on the phone until moments before the wheels touch down without being tackled by a federal marshal
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