House of Cards (US, Netflix)
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Season 3 is available today. Is anyone interested? If so, any suggestions on how to strike a binge-savor balance with the episode threads?
posted by zix (6 comments total)
We can at least talk about the first episode today, no?
posted by malapropist at 5:59 PM on February 27, 2015

I hope we can spread the threads out to at most one a day. There's 13 episodes this season, and not all of us want to binge watch and discuss.
posted by Catblack at 9:16 PM on February 27, 2015

Yeah, I wasn't sure how many people were interested in the first place and I didn't want to flood FanFare with a bunch of posts if no one wanted to talk about it. At The Fall FanFare Talk post, it ended up being one binge watch post but The Fall only has 6 episodes per season. For Orange is the New Black, it kind of looks like 1-2 posts a day scattered throughout the week until someone threw up 7 episode posts in a row.

I wouldn't mind a catch-all, spoilery binge watch post but it might just end up being very liveblog chatty and not at all useful? Maybe if it was presented as a "thoughts about the entire season" instead of "aaahhhh Frank don't do that"?
posted by zix at 7:20 AM on February 28, 2015

The thing that worries me about bingewatching this is that all the posts will run together in my head and I'll inadvertently mention something spoilery in a thread. I would suggest that each episode post includes a robust synopsis.
posted by Dr. Zira at 10:47 AM on February 28, 2015

We are watching one ep a day (which is a compromise between the bingewatcher BF and non-bingewatcher me), so spacing them out a couple days between would be fine.
posted by computech_apolloniajames at 12:23 PM on February 28, 2015

I bet they don't get into issues about whether he uses the correct email account... (Anti-Hillary factions cause de jure - historical note)
posted by sammyo at 1:01 PM on March 3, 2015

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