Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Boyle-Linetti Wedding
March 2, 2015 9:36 AM - Season 2, Episode 17 - Subscribe

It's the big day for Charles and Gina's parents, and Peralta's in charge of picking up the ring. What could go wrong? Meanwhile, Terry sweats being asked to perform a non-exercise themed wedding ceremony.
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I don't know why, but I laughed at Gina calling Hitchcock "a stone-cold atrocity" for about an hour.
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Also, I don't know whether it's been in the text, but according to the credits, Holt's husband's name is Kevin Cozner, which I cannot stop laughing at either.
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The Holt/Kevin stuff in this episode was so sweet. Making the schmoopy wedding stuff about a couple from the show during a wedding for characters that are only guest stars was a smart choice.

(And I say this as a weird sucker for television weddings)
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Ahhh the Holt/Kevin stuff was so, so sweet. The little flashback to their wedding ceremony was actually a bit bittersweet for me though, in that they felt like they had to get married as soon as possible and rush through it lest the opportunity be snatched away from them. That just broke my heart a little, how clear it was that they wanted to be married so much and how the speed of their yeses was both an indication of their depth of feeling and their awareness of how precarious their position potentially was.

I was also really charmed by all the Jake/Amy in this episode. That's a pairing that I've always been afraid would fall into rote uptight lady/manchildy dude stereotypes, but they've been consistently goofy and sweet in really charming ways. I like that we've gotten the chance to see that before anything else, they're actually friends who enjoy each other.
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The way the show has treated Holt's sexuality as no big deal while simultaneously commenting on his trials so poignantly is really impressive, IMNSHO.

You're right. I regret nothing.

I do somewhat wish we got more of those fantastic guest stars, but what they had to do was still good.
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This episode was amazing.
I loved the return of Competent Snarky Detective Amy.
I loved Holt's speech and the stuff with him and Kevin. I loved Holt's first drafts of his speech in comparison to the final version. I love everything about Holt in general.
I didn't like Gina, she was very annoying as usual.
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Kevin's wistful smile when Holt opens with " a contract between two people" is everything wonderful about both characters and their relationship in about three seconds.
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I got a real Wedding Singer vibe from some of that...maybe it was the 80s song and the Jenny plotline and the handsy elderly lady. I love that Amy pranked Jake at the end. I am fully team Amy/Jake; their dynamic and chemistry is really adorable, and I'm happy to have this go on for a while.

I enjoyed the "human pile of mashed potatoes" insult and that no-one likes soup. Gina's not my favourite, but I liked her in this episode because she showed her competence amongst her quirks. I did like how she claimed to not know who Gollum is because she's "too pretty to watch those movies" and then turned around and referred to someone as a hobbit.

I don't know if I think the Rosa/Marcus thing is too off-screen to really land, or whether it makes perfect sense that we see almost nothing of her private life, but it's still happening.

I would enjoy a full-blown Holt/Cozner wedding, yes, haiku, oatmeal, and all, with a less efficient officiant.
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The thing that got me crying was the immediate shift in Holt's whole demeanor once he looks at his husband during the speech. He's not a man inclined to emotion, but you could see the rise of his deep love. He shifts from thinking in the abstract to the real, the tangible, the meaning of marriage.

It's such a subtle shift, but it's so powerful.
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Some of us are already incorporating the Boyle family handshake into casual congratulatory celebrations:

"Up high! Down low! Butts! Butts! Butts!"
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