Adventure Time: Walnuts and Rain
March 5, 2015 8:18 PM - Season 6, Episode 31 - Subscribe

When Finn and Jake stumble into two different holes, they meet two different fates.

Introducing the Kingdom of Huge and 7718 the Solitaire Bear. With a special guest appearance by a bottle of Sriracha.
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I thought the animation in this episode stepped up a notch. Anyone else notice that? It felt a lot like Over The Garden Wall.
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this was a great episode.
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Some weird shit went down at Cartoon Network yesterday. At the beginning of the week, the Adventure Time tumblr posted this month's schedule of new episodes. Then suddenly, yesterday afternoon, they announced that there was no new episode this week, and then that there would be no new episodes this month.

This episode obviously did air last night though. Lots of people's DVRs didn't record it, since it was pulled from the program listings. My DVR luckily did, even though it's listed as an episode of Regular Show.

Sadly, this crap goes on at CN all the time. They were constantly pulling these kinds of stunts with Young Justice. Is it really too much to expect that Cartoon Network should be run like a professional TV network? Sure, I get that you have to move your TV shows around, but is it really too difficult to plan this out in advance, and give warnings to the showrunners and the people who promote your programs?
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This episode felt like it had a little bit of Miyazaki influence to it. Loved the contrast of the hungry walnut-eating bear whose ship was being kept aloft by the hot air of the over-stuffed king's stove.
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Lots of people's DVRs didn't record it, since it was pulled from the program listings. My DVR luckily did, even though it's listed as an episode of Regular Show.

Ah well that explains why my DVR didn't record it. I also got an episode of Regular Show that my DVR thought was Adventure Time.

I'm scared about what's going on over there. The episodes are ready to go, they have a time slot, why wouldn't they air them? Do they have something people care about more than Adventure Time taking precedence?
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And it's still not up on Amazon! What the heeeeccccckkkkkkkkk
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In my experience, Amazon usually waits until they can group two AT episodes into a single "one" before putting them up. It changed with The Regular Show when they started making you pay for the whole season at the beginning, but seemingly not yet for AT. (And don't get me started on how Amazon's season numbering for Adventure Time are off from the actual show)
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Cartoon Network's scheduling has been bizarre for some time (moving AT from 7 to 6 on Monday, then back to 7, then 7 on Thursday, then no new episodes for months, then new episodes on at 7 or 7:30 depending I guess on the phase of the moon or some shit). It's very annoying and not at all fair to its programs.

ETA: That said, this episode is up on the CN website right now.
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