Adventure Time: Diary
February 27, 2015 6:32 AM - Season 6, Episode 30 - Subscribe

Jake's son T.V. finds a diary and a mystery.
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The newspaper Jake is holding in the episode seems to have a story about the results of The Pajama Wars.
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Is anyone else worried about Jake? I didn't like his cough, and the way he was so out of breath by the time he and T.V. reached the cave.
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I love these little capsule stories about background characters living normal lives in a fantastic world.

Do candypeople eat meat though? I figured they ate non-sentient candy, but apparently it's sloppy joes.
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Is Fe Li Na a Breaking Bad reference?

I can't find any other meaning of 'FeLiNa'
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This was lovely. I love it when minor joke characters get fleshed out and given real humanity (or...poundcake...ity?). The art and use of color also seemed more delicate and nostalgic in this episode.

I really like these meditative episodes best, and there seem to be more of them as the show goes on.
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I really like these meditative episodes best, and there seem to be more of them as the show goes on.

It might be some kind of self perpetuating thing, where writers are drawn to the show because of these episodes and then want to replicate them when they are offered the chance. This is a good thing.

I think we can also say the show kind of addressed the aspect of society being drawn into the personal lives of others, even to the extent of reality tv shows that simply follow people around. We have a character named T.V. who gets completely absorbed into the inner world of a teenage girl, who she talks with, what she does, and her crushes. It even spreads to Jake, drawing him, albeit with a mystery. I suppose it's a further indictment of reality tv by having the mysterious and alluring subject turn out to be someone they already knew and otherwise would not care that much about.

In the reflection, one could also surmise it's a nice way to suggest that everyone, regardless of how normal they may be, are interesting in their own right, with stories and backgrounds that can be fascinating and dramatic.

I loved it how Jake's conclusion of the lobster claw was essentially correct.

Poor Justin. That was a nice box.
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So an Adventure Time Movie was just announced. I'm not sure how I feel about this. As a TV show, they get a chance to have the creative freedom to make these kinds of artistic, meditative episodes. And "artistic" and "creative freedom" are just not terms that I associate with mainstream Hollywood pictures these days.
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Is Fe Li Na a Breaking Bad reference?

Either that or Iron, Lithium, Sodium

(edit: ah dang. didn't properly look at your links. you already knew that)
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My first thought vis a vis an Adventure Time movie was how great it would be to see a Max Fischer Players-type live action epic, all shot on a tiny stage with painted backdrops, actors in homemade costumes, and (of course) tons of puppets. Naturally, though, it's going to be animated, which could be fantastic. The show sometimes strains visibly against the confines of its format. Allowed 90 minutes to breathe, something wonderful could easily happen. But not necessarily. If it's made over into the next big potential franchise machine, what's special about the show could be lost instead. I hope that won't happen, and it sounds like the movie is in good hands, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, just in case.
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I'm leery, myself, but I think a large part will depend on the kid audience. While we fine few obviously have extraordinary taste, the majority of people I tell about this show have never heard of it, much less seen it. Note, almost none of them have kids to trick them into watching it for one time.
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I loved it how Jake's conclusion of the lobster claw was essentially correct.

Crab claw, not lobster claw! He knew because the handwriting was crabbed.
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