Elementary: For All You Know
March 7, 2015 6:23 AM - Season 3, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Holmes investigates himself when he becomes a suspect in a murder that took place during the height of his addiction; clues make Holmes question his innocence.
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Another terrific showcase for JLM's acting. I agree with the AV Club recap, as a viewer there was never any question that Sherlock would actually have been the murderer. But since the driving force of the episode was the emotional arc rather than the who-dun-it, it worked.
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I would have really loved to see this become a multi-episode arc. This going on in the background, Holmes slowly losing his shit (maybe with a side order of something reprehensible he did actually do while using? something lending credence to him-as-murderer maybe?), perhaps even getting arrested and facing trial leaving Watson to put the final pieces together in a more satisfying way (the city councillor being guilty was way too obvious for me).
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I think that the drug dealer guy will probably be back at some point this season.
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I love AV Club's write-up included 5 stray thoughts, and 3 items on Clyde Watch.
Three thoughts this week. First, I was recently thinking about Clyde’s origins, and wondered if Craig Sweeny—who wrote “The Red Team,” the episode in which Clyde first appears—gets character residuals for a turtle. Second, most apropos to the episode, I hope we eventually get a case that ties into Clyde’s murky past, where we get flashbacks to murders he’s witnessed—if The Good Wife can do an entire episode inside Alicia Florrick’s head, we can see an episode through Clyde’s eyes on Elementary. And third, the Elementary Writers on Twitter have their own theory for what Clyde was potentially doing in this episode, and it’s slanderous, and I won’t stand for it. Clyde would never be so sloppy with a frame job.
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JLM was indeed great as usual. I loved the continuity of his stiff and pained body language post-beating. I was also really impressed by the subtlety of Lucy Liu's acting here as well. It's a quiet performance, but she's always reacting and is such an active presence in her empathy in an understated way. I was struck especially by the scene where Joan goes to lay out her case for Sherlock's innocence. Her affection for Sherlock was just shining from her eyes, and she just seemed palpably warm with him. I really liked Joan's certainty and her refusal to enable Sherlock's self-pity and self-loathing.
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It bugged my wife and me that Sherlock was missing a lot of the earlier tattoos we've seen him with in the hospital room post-jumping scene. Also that he makes a point about having not had a phone in his drug-haze period (hence the note) and then a few scenes later shows a selfie he accidentally took with the phone he I guess did have?
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