Looking: Looking for Glory
March 9, 2015 9:59 AM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Platitudes, platitudes, platitudes. (And a little full-frontal.)

Dom and Doris lie to each other. Eddie and Agustin come clean after getting dirty. Richie and Brady are revealed to be just as venial as Patrick and Kevin, who get called out for being wholly inappropriate at work and kind of delusional about their app.

From the stellar A.V. Club review:
“Looking For Glory” extrapolates all these fake social interactions [...] to paint an unflattering picture of the city, which Eddie sees as a community of self-hating, racist gays who are the exact same as the ones in every other gay enclave in the country, only with the added sin of lying to themselves and everybody else about their values.
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Hilariously Hypocritical Bitch award goes to Guy In Wheelchair, who gets all sanctimonious about gay stereotypes at the same time he's flogging a glory-hole rating app while surrounded by half-naked mancandy.
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Yeah, at first I thought wheelchair guy was a bit much, but on the other hand it's kind of a piece of meta-writing calling out Looking's critics who've called it "too stereotypical" and such.

I dunno, this was maybe the first ep where I felt the writing was rushing a bunch of things together. How have Patrick and Kevin not considered that dating each other makes for a serious HR issue at work if they're on the same product team? (I don't work at that kind of company but where I work there are clear rules that married or related employees cannot be in the same chain of command - they basically have to be in different departments.)

Dom is rushing into his new store. And speaking of Dom - what happened to Lynn? Are they still dating? He hasn't been seen or mentioned in weeks. I know we were seeing Dom have some discomfort with Lynn's rather broad ideas of what a relationship looks like, but did I miss some clue that Dom had dropped him for good? And what happened to his playing on the rugby team? Rugby is a very social sport, with a lot of social traditions that go along with the match playing. So how has he made no friends on the team who could come help fix the plumbing?

But as much as some of the show had me scratching my head this week, there are always things that are just wonderful. That opening shot of Patrick and Kevin in bed, "your breath stinks" - I mean how often do we get to see that kind of realistic day to day intimacy between gay men on TV? Not to mention that Agustin/Eddie sex scene which was just this side of actual porn. I guess maybe it's that I'm of that generation that was so starved for any sort of cultural representation that seeing this stuff always gives me a moment of "wow - imagine if I could've seen this when I was in high school."
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I think Dom technically dropped Lynn for good when Lynn couldn't commit to anything more than their friends-with-benefits relationship. Dom gets a wonderful last line to Lynn, "Even if it’s not with me, you shouldn’t be done, Lynn." I sort of hope that Lynn will come back to Dom, but really, I'd just like Dom to have a love interest.
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How have Patrick and Kevin not considered that dating each other makes for a serious HR issue at work if they're on the same product team?

The entire string of scenes beginning with Patrick insisting on wearing Kevin's sweater to work through the point where they "came out" as a couple to their coworkers, my bf and I were like TIME OUT, NOT COOL. I know I've bagged on Patrick for a lot of things so far, but this is just insanely naive on the part of both of them.
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