Looking: Looking for Sanctuary
March 16, 2015 10:13 AM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

In the ninth episode of this season, three triangles (Patrick-Kevin-Jon, Dom-Doris-Malik, Eddie-Agustín-the ghost of Frank) come to the fore. Patrick spends some time at the zoo with his mother Dana and sister Megan, with some convenient revelations interposed.
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I have mixed feelings about this season. I liked the style and tone of season one so much and this year, the show feels really different to me - a bit too soap opera. I mean, I can get behind a good soap, but Looking always seemed like more than that, better at controlling the narrative.

This episode was the weakest all year, I think. So much melodrama, in a low-key Looking kind of way. But the "will they/won't they move in together" stuff was grating. The first scene between Doris and Dom was so heavy-handed. And as much as I've liked Agustin/Eddie this year, the fact Agustin's ex showed up in this episode was very on-the-nose. (The whole "I don't do art" anymore seems so odd to me.)

All that said, I liked Doris & Dom's "break up" scene. And Agustin bringing Eddie out of his emotional shell.

But I can't think of a lead couple I find as uninteresting as Patrick/Kevin in a show I like as much as this one.
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If it weren't for Agustin/Eddie, I'd probably have stopped watching. I can't bring myself to care one way or the other about Patrick/Kevin.
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