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You can always tell a Milford man! - New in town - Red - Nothing sings like a kV! - Bellini's lymphocemia - Homard - hyacinth - fondest memories - Birthday - Starting - Mr. Papaya, The Friendliest Of Fruits - gerbil (expendable) - Insanely naive - Close scrutiny - Cardinal Law - Memories - All kinds of information - Frog-marched - Dead letters

"Science and technology have reached a point where our means are finally catching up with our imagination."

Walter is even more hilarious in his isolation suit than normal. And Broyles is looking skeletal in this one.
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- "Hey, call that cop that arrests women who are probably domestic violence victims!"???
- I never noticed the great sound work in this show before.
- Apparently hairless rats are the animals to use for experimentation these days.
- Does the stepfather thing ever come up again?
- Was that a security guard or a dirty cop that was shooting at FBI agents? Or do henchmen get security uniforms these days?

Another great opening, Human weapons, surprise explosions, another evil scientist, and a self destruct button in the climactic scene!
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This is the episode where I fell in love with both Walter and Olivia.

Also - strawberry jelly blood/brains.
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Still no red vines. I suspect these don't show up until a later season but will keep up the vigil.

In this episode people suffer from blinis which with some genetic alteration, makes their heads explode, which makes for a very messy visit to the Kiev for Sunday brunch.

The husband of one of the blinis sufferers is suspiciously red, like he has been running, or fell asleep on a sun bed or maybe rolled around in a bed of nettles just before entering the room.

Did anyone notice the big "Moo" Gene let out in the lab when the papaya exploded? Do you think she and the papaya *shared minds* in the same way as Olivia and John Scott?

Today's glyph was: Celebrate good times woohoo! in connection with Olivia's birthday.
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Maybe somebody liquified the red vines for the special effects.
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Peter in the suit is great. He gets one of those scene-ending reaction shots where there's nothing to say to Walter's insane musings (where can I get some of this onion soup?) and he does what's becoming the usual did-I-just-hear-that-? ear-rubbing/head-tilt but it's through the suit.
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Oh crap I didn't mean to post that yet. I'll try to contain all further thoughts as I watch to one more comment.
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a self destruct button in the climactic scene!

What was the scientist's motivation in flipping that switch? Straight-up murdering her subject? That's a rather ballsy move in front of the FBI. Covering something up? Again, the FBI is right there and has a clue as to what is going on. I don't know? Maybe she wanted verification that her special remote activation upgrade worked?

It could also have been a writer's motivation, fulfilling and resolving the Chekov's gun antidote introduced in the previous scene.

Olivia puts that seductive look on quickly and efficiently with Esterbrook, and flips it right over on Broyles in the next scene when she lambastes his sexism. There's also that little moment with Peter near the end, would that be the spark in their relationship? She's admitted something private to him, a careful birthday present to herself in opening up a little to someone, more than she's done with anyone (since John Scott, natch). And Peter gets that 'she said goodnight!' double take that at the very least confirms that he's interested.

Nina Sharp doles out a little more way-back story. She's shown she knows enough about Olivia to want her under her wing, and now she reveals that she was around when Peter was young. I know the 'when does it get good?' question has come up in a few previous episode discussions lately. I'm pretty sure this show gets really good once you start to trust Nina. Heh.
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I think what sold the show for me was this episode because it was the first time Olivia expressed her irritation with Walter. I know she is grouchy with everyone, but this episode lays the foundation for the future where Anna Torv doesn't need to play Olivia's impatience so explicitly. It's in the small things.
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"Nobody likes the onion."
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September sighting at 25.00, right behind Lorelai's ex Jason Esterbrook.

Also this episode made me want to know about all of the innocent bystander victims. Especially the nice guy who had an obsession with oyster crackers. The take-home message here is imitate the person in the car who swerves around the staggering lady and keeps on driving. It's better for your health.
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