True Blood: I Found You
June 29, 2014 8:55 PM - Season 7, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The H-vamp apocalypse continues. A trio of hostages taken in the Bellefleur's attack looks to a familiar face as a possible liberator from the H-vamps. Sookie and Jason visit the neighboring town of Saint Alice, where a young woman's diary offers clues to the potential fate of Bon Temps. Spurned by Lafayette, a desperate Lettie Mae turns to Willa to channel her family past. Vince whips his fellow vigilantes into a dangerous frenzy. Pam's search for her maker leads her to a very familiar place.
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Holy crap, does it take all day to drive to the next town over? Can't Andy call Deputy Kenya and check in? Pizza forensics? Why the hell do they spend all day poking around?

And this show loves to leave people locked up under Fangtasia. I'd have expected the building to be burned down by now, or the damn manacles to be discovered.

I thought this episode was written a little better though.
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This series may have jumped the shark quite a while ago, but the Jason/Eric scene is just one reason I'm happy to keep watching.

Also. What's the "very familiar place" that Pam finds Eric? Am I supposed to recognize it?
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As a viewer of a lot of TV: Sweet baby jesus this show is getting ridiculous. I'm very very very glad this is the last season. All the sass, self awareness, and novelty of character interaction is gone. It's just tropes and tits.

As a gay nerd: HOT DAMN. Gimme some more of that sweet Jason/Eric lovin'! I'll watch that from now until doomsday.
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So...Is there some explanation of Jason's dream? Like, it's the kind of dream Sookie used to have about Bill and/or Eric after they'd shared blood. Has Jason tasted Eric's blood at some point that I don't remember?

But if the explanation is just "because why not/fan service," I'm totally fine with that too.
posted by dnash at 7:26 AM on June 30, 2014

It shames me to admit it, but I believe Jason drank Eric's blood toward the end of last season? In that awful vampire camp business?

I honestly had to fan myself and take a minute to even try to remember the justification, so I may have gotten the details wrong.
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I'm a bit confused about how Hep-V became an epidemic (maybe it was explained last season, but evidently I've forgotten). I thought the Hep-V was put into the Tru-Blood, which Eric and Co. interrupted pretty quickly. So, assuming that by now the tainted bottles have been destroyed/consumed/otherwise gone, how is Hep-V spreading? Can humans be carriers? Can vampires give it to each other, somehow? Anyone remember?
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Suddenly I care about Hep-V!

Arlene's blood has to mean something right? I understand expectations of logic or continuity are kinda worthless on True Blood, but that did seem a little too coincidental even for them.
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I'm very very very glad this is the last season.

Me too. It used to be fun, but now watching it is starting to feel like a chore.
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Welcome back, Eric!!!! Woot woot!! Jason and Eric have fantastic chemistry. Amazeballs scene!

So after Jason confessed his affections, DreamEric replied "Only twice have I ever felt it in return." And I found myself desperately trying to guess who DreamEric was talking about - Sookie had to be one of them, right? I still think one of the least plausible things about the show is that Sookie did not choose Eric. I just find that choice way too impossible to even comprehend.

Arlene's got moxie: "I did not survive 4 lousy husbands, a serial killer boyfriend, and the sort of suicide of my love, Terry, to die in the dingy basement of a fucking vampire bar!" Carrie Preston absolutely owns this character.

Lafayette calling Aunt Lettie Mae a "trifling bitch" was pretty priceless.

Oy, those S1 flashbacks to the night Bill took Sookie to Fangtasia were super cheesy.
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As said above, consider the shark jumped. The synapses that are making me watch this show are the same ones that don't allow me to turn away from a car crash.
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Ok wow. I'm seeing some serious HaterFare up in here.

Um, so does anyone else still legitimately enjoy this show, at least a little bit? Anyone? Bueller??
posted by hush at 2:30 PM on June 30, 2014

I have enjoyed it but it's really gone downhill. I feel like I'm watching now because I've enjoyed so much of it I should really see it through at this point.

It was always a pretty campy show about beautiful, often naked, people though so it still has that going for it.
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My general test for whether I'm watching something for the right reasons is "Would I still be watching this if the sound cut out?" If the answer is no, I'm clearly only watching it for the mancandy. This show is all about the mancandy.

Until S6, I legitimately enjoyed the show and followed the plots closely. Now I knit/clean/do something else and only pay attention when there's an opportunity for flesh. Or seriously weird faerie action.

My contention is that the lack of a centralized evil (like MaryAnn or Russell Edgington) the show just doesn't know who to align against. As such, they all just run around fucking one another (or fucking one another over). Also, as the show has progressed, they writers/show runners have shown a real reluctance to put any of the major characters in real danger of dying, which means the stakes are very low during every conflict. That makes for not very compelling television. I'd be a lot more worried for Arlene if I thought there was any real chance of her dying (instead, of say, having magical faerie blood that cures HepV, thus saving both her and Eric, for example).
posted by conradjones at 2:58 PM on June 30, 2014

I'll put my hand up as still enjoying it. However I do have a very high tolerance for extreme silliness.

In fact I may need to go rewatch it now, because I am sure there was some important exposition in that scene with Jason and Eric that I missed.
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Um, so does anyone else still legitimately enjoy this show, at least a little bit? Anyone? Bueller??

I'd say that I do. I mean, I have to roll my eyes at a lot of it. (Really Sookie? You're gonna try going off on your own to rescue everyone by yourself? Because that's worked SO well the last 5 times you tried it? Also, everyone has known about Fangtasia since season one but none of them have thought to look there for the Hep-V vamps' lair?)

But it's still worth it to me for the random WTF - the Jason/Eric, the Lafayette reading his aunt's beads, etc. Those are still fun. And bits like Arlene's "I did not survive...just do die in a dingy basement" where the show isn't taking itself too seriously, and just revels in the crazy.
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... wow, that certainly was... something.

I'm mostly a Sunk Cost Fallacy watcher at this point, but I will say this: I sort of liked the angry mob taking all the guns. Like, Guy Who Lost For Mayor is an incompetent weasel and all, but his general notion that they should spend the day arming and organizing (rather than cleaning the town bar - what the hell, folks?) was at least the seed of a good idea.

Gotta agree about Arlene being pretty great.

Loved Jason's detective work, too. I'd totally watch Jason Stackhouse: PI.

It still has the dying embers of a fun show in there. Kinda.
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Um, so does anyone else still legitimately enjoy this show, at least a little bit? Anyone? Bueller??

I didn't say I hated it. Unlike Weeds (aka Nancy Makes Bad Decisions), I'm willing to keep watching Sookie Makes Bad Decisions, because it has the occasional fabulous zinger of a line, there are certain characters I just love watching (Pam, Eric, Jessica, Jason, Lafayette), and I mean, let's talk again about the Jason/Eric scene. I can totally admit it's jumped the shark, but I'm happy enough to just sit back and enjoy the ridiculousness.
posted by olinerd at 6:52 PM on June 30, 2014

Spin off

Jessica & Jason Inc.

Private Detective and Exorcism Agency

We solve any problem, real or unreal.
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I don't haaaate it, I found last season held up pretty well in a one weekend burst of watching, and there are still characters I care about even if its an ever shrinking circle - but it's just not fun Anymore. Like it was super silly and pulpy and over the top and even quietly subversive and interesting ( the show never gets credit for being smart about being dumb.) but it had big characters and a breathless pace and lots of greeeeat central metaphors to play with ( Vampires as both sexual minorities AND a new marketing group.) And now it's just sort of ..there. None of the beats feel right, none of the plot feels like its coming from the previous actions of the characters, everyone feels weirdly neutered and the habit of adding dumb subplots that go nowhere just keeps escalating.

Still, if you're gonna out, go out with a bang - that's what I hope at least , and what's a bigger bang than an extended Eric/Jason sex scene? ( oh god Jason is so TINY pushed up against Eric. Damn fairy genes, they make you all hot and small.)
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( also that flashback made me think I really need to see season 1 again.)
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Spinoff: Jessica and Sansa

I don't care what they do, I just want to see them both on the same screen. Maybe they can brush each other's hair while bathed in the warm glow of oil lamps. Those are two luminously beautiful young women, by golly.

But that's not why I dropped in. I just want to say that while the cold open is directly responsible for the heat wave in my area, the final scene between Arlene and Holly and the teacher was the funniest thing I've seen on the show in ages.

No, wait. One more thing:

I'm sure y'all have seen this but it won't hurt to see it again. "...This is Jason’s dream, so Alex kept saying, ‘Well, you tell me what to do, Ryan. It’s your dream.’
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ugh I am so torn

I should want to see more shirtless Skarsgard but, god.. this fucking show. I feel dumber after watching it.

that doesn't mean I won't
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Merelyglib's link.

(And I was somehow glad that Jason landed on top.)
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We have several sources of tension, and I think a decent plot arc could be created here (not that it will be):

1. Wannabe mayor gets his vigilantes together to hunt down infected vampires
2. Sookie et al look for the hostages
3. Jessica tries not to eat the delicious, delicious Adilyn, whose fairy powers are now beginning to manifest
4. Tension between looking for a Hep V cure vs. just killing all the infected
5. Jason wrestles with his newfound bicurious fantasies (okay, this is likely to be a one-off)

I suspect the show infected Eric so that we give a shit about the Hep V victims because up until that point I was okay with a mass slaughter to protect the rest of humanity. Desperate times, desperate measures.

I actually think the plot is interesting! There are a lot of moral conundrums here. (Do you hold innocent Hep V victims accountable for genocide?*) But gOD, the writing. The plot holes. The utter stupidity of the characters and their actions.

(*My favorite part of the episode is when the infected vamps at Fangtasia are really struggling with their newfound hunger, and begin to operate as an ad hoc community. I would love an episode from their POV.)
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Well that's embarrassing. Thanks for fixing it, Catblack!
posted by merelyglib at 9:47 AM on July 2, 2014

part of the reason it's not as fun may have to do with the premise of this season--there's nothing fun about a terminal disease. Fairies? Witches? Werewolves? Pagan sex gods? Ghosts of murderers? Vampire conspiracy? All were pretty fun, but this Hep-thing is sorta depressing and gross.
posted by Hoopo at 10:16 AM on July 2, 2014

Holy crap, does it take all day to drive to the next town over?

To be fair, I think they said it was a few towns over, no?
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Even if you were to drive from one end of Louisiana to the other, it'd still only take you about 5-6 hours.

We know that Shreveport is where Fangtasia is, and if you can go there for a date and come back the same night, it should be no more than two hours away tops. Alexandria, LA is 125 miles away on the Interstate, so Bon Temps is likely between the two. (I'm assuming Bon Temps is further south; if we were go to east, Monroe is about 100 miles. It can't be west because Texas is right there.) Monroe is where Russell Edgington was, but I can't recall how long it supposedly took to drive there.

I don't know, maybe they took sex breaks on their way to and from St. Alice.
posted by desjardins at 1:14 PM on July 2, 2014

I dunno, I thought this episode was pretty fun. The last few seasons have been terrible; maybe my expectations have finally sunk low enough to allow me to enjoy it again?

I would like a LOT more Jason Stackhouse and Lafayette this final season. And as little Sookie and Bill as possible, though I know that's not going to happen.

LOL at Jason's pizza forensics, Lafayette's Hell? 'That's what this is', and Laura Palmer's secret diary.

Speaking of which, are we still in 2011 (when whatshername's diary ends)? Given that each season starts (I think) where the last finished, and that some episodes cover only a day or so of action, how long has this whole story taken so far?
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Yeah, the 2011 thing was extremely confusing. I thought the town had been dead for 3 years and no one had noticed.

The series started in 2008, but Sookie was presumed dead for a year between seasons 3 and 4 while she was in fairyland, so that sped up the timeline some. I don't know if there were any other big gaps of time that were unaccounted for.
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Even if you were to drive from one end of Louisiana to the other, it'd still only take you about 5-6 hours.

And we've now officially thought about this more than the writers.
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I *think* the "very familiar place" is where Pam used to work, back when Eric turned her.

Jason jumps on Eric's back, but they fall by the side of the bed, not onto it, like in the next section. And while Eric/Jason was fun, Sam/Alcide would be more fun. But you just know that the slash fans are going to go to some interesting places with two humans who can both turn into animals...

I find the Lettie-May-is-an-addict thing a bit silly, now. It's blatantly there to provide for the Tara is on a cross thing. I did like the scene with her and Lafayette, though. Then again, Lafayette has consistently been my fave character.

Is there a bloodstain metaphor with Maxine Fortenberry's dress? And that many dead bodies are going to give off some kind of smell, yet nobody is retching.

I kinda liked the flashbacks. It was a nice reminder of when this series was new and edgy and different, before it went all silly.

The scenes with Sookie and Alcide are also done really well, I think. There seems to be some genuine emotion there, some genuine body language. Alcide's snort when Sookie sends him upstairs, and last episode where Alcide finds Sookie at the kitchen table. It's quite rare to see a television character with their hand over their mouth. It's such a small thing, but it makes me wonder if both scenes were left up to the actors to decide how it would work. It's odd, though, that Sookie's character and body language change when she sees Bill at the end of the episode.
posted by Solomon at 5:13 PM on July 4, 2014

Did I miss the explanation of why the vampires nesting in Fangtasia had to wake up every 15 minutes? Wouldn't they be getting the bleeds pretty bad or does Hep V Change Everything?

Fairies? Witches? Werewolves? Pagan sex gods? Ghosts of murderers? Vampire conspiracy? All were pretty fun, but this Hep-thing is sorta depressing and gross.

Good point. When they were wandering the street in Saint-Alice and the camera pulled back to reveal a mass grave, my reaction was that thiiiiiis is not the fun romp I remember from years past.
posted by psoas at 8:36 AM on July 6, 2014

Hep V generally kills within 48 hours, according to Season 6. Maybe resting slows down the spread of the infection? Or perhaps resting accelerates the spread of the infection. Odd that they're living longer, though.

I suppose the writers are having to fudge some details of all the V infected vampires will be dead by the end of episode 4.
posted by Solomon at 9:17 AM on July 6, 2014

Yeah, Nora died really quickly from it iirc.

posted by elizardbits at 11:01 PM on July 6, 2014 [1 favorite]

WRT HepV (maybe that should be HVV to conform to standard nomenclature), infectious pathogens that are too good at killing their hosts tend to die out pretty quickly. If vamp to vamp transmission is the primary mode of transmission, killing the host ends up killing the virus. But iirc, humans can be infected without symptoms (or at least, survive longer than the 48 hours HVV originally took to kill vamps) and spread it to vamps who feed on them.

Anyway, HVV could easily have mutated into a different clade so its less lethal to vamps so what the infected vamps got might be HVVb or HWB or something.
posted by porpoise at 6:47 PM on July 18, 2014

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