Person of Interest: Karma
March 11, 2015 7:44 PM - Season 4, Episode 17 - Subscribe

Finch and Reese try to protect a psychologist who uses unorthodox methods to help patients achieve closure; flashbacks reveal Finch's state of mind after the death of his best friend.
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I guess this was as much of a filler episode as last week's was, but I liked it better for some reason. Had a very season-one vibe to it.
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Yeah, I was struck by how this episode could've been pretty easily slotted into any season so far without any trouble whatsoever. It did feel like a Season 1 ep in a lot of ways. Nice to see some callbacks to Finch and Reese's origin stories from back in the day, too. Completely standalone, but a decent episode, with some nice unusual touches. I liked that they never actually 'solved' who actually did commit the murder way back when.
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There was a suggestion on the AV club that this would have better followed Guilty as a pair of thematically linked episodes, then led into Q&A and Blunt. I wonder if that was the original intention.
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I don't think I am so into the season one-ish episodes they've been doing since they lost the female cast. It was fine for season one, but I've really liked where they've gone since then and it just seems sad and lesser to backtrack.

Dammit, why must Sarah Shahi be so fertile?!?! It feels like the show is spinning its wheels while it tries to figure out where to go next right now.
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I kind of want to see all the 'machines POV' scenes in order - sort of like someone put together all the Snape scenes in order from the Harry Potter movies. I could just picture the machine being all "DAD! STOP THAT! RIGHT NOW!"

And for a horrible moment I thought they were going to actually show us what the machine knew about the wife's murder, but instead they just left us not knowing which is much better.
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It was a nice touch to leave the wife's murder unsolved, but I am hoping they didn't leave it that way permanently.

Hector wasn't anywhere close to being as cute as Bear.;-)
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