Hindsight: Auld Lang Syne
March 11, 2015 9:31 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

A shocked Lolly witnesses Becca sharing a kiss with Kevin. Meanwhile, Sean showcases his work at an art show and hopes Paige will be his date, and Becca and Lolly experience a pivotal moment at a New Year's Eve bash.
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Damn that cliffhanger. They could have at least shown us where she ended up.

Do you think she's going to wake up in a different era? Or back in the present? My money is on her Groundhog Daying this thing and coming back just before her wedding to Sean again.
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It is interesting how vaguely "I want to go back" can be interpreted. But where is back? If this time travel thing is real, then if she returns to the future, would she find everything altered by her actions in her re-do? If she has returned to the future that does seem most likely to me. It could be interesting to see her grapple with a different, but also familiar, life in the future. Maybe facing a wedding day with someone she doesn't expect, but Lolly is still not in her life. Can she learn the lessons she needed from the experience?

Interviews with the show runners have suggested that if they get an order for a second season, they will then be able to explore the mechanisms of the time travel or whatever is happening. And obviously the black gentleman who has spoken to her at different times will be explained a bit more as to what his significance is.

I sure hope that second season is ordered, but if not then I choose to believe she is returning to that familiar but different future.
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Considering that retro-90s music and jokes are a key selling point for the show, it would be a weird decision to take it into the present. Plus, the heart of the premise is trying to use knowledge of the the future to succeed at doing things a second time. That would be negated as well.

My bet is that she ends up either at the point she jumped to at the beginning of this season or at another point in the past that also has nostalgic music cues.
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Hindsight creator has "grand plan" for season 2 if renewed.

Apparently, the ratings for this show were horrible, even by VH1 standards. OTOH, it's the first even mildly critically acclaimed scripted show they've ever had. So they might renew it and try and build its audience.

Reading this article, they do seem to heavily imply that the setting in the 90's would continue. That would seem to rule out setting the entire next season in the present. Though they could certainly spend some time there.
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I am going to keep flogging this charming little show until I get some people to watch it with me.
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I had been wanting to see this since I first heard about it, and just recently discovered it'd become available on Hulu. Binge-watched the whole thing in a week and just loved it...it had a lot going for it. It definitely was a freshman effort and I was hoping to see it come together a bit more in Season 2.

Sadly, it appears that VH1 has cancelled it after all. Boo.

I am no longer speaking to my childhood best friend, so this show tugged at the ol' heartstrings for me.

Plus, the clothes, oh the nostalgia! The one episode with Lolly wearing the green grandma coat with the purple John Lennon sunglasses, pigtail braids, and Docs, that was totally me in 10th grade. Good times!
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So it is canceled? THAT SUCKS.
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We should be just finishing up season 2 by now.


This was a fun, light show. Pity it got axed.
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Oh wow, and Lolly (the actress who played her anyway) is on Barry.
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If you loved and still miss this show, consider giving a shot to Being Erica, a late aughts/early 00's show with a familiar premise now stewing on HBO Max.
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