Broad City: Coat Check
March 11, 2015 11:52 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Abbi is determined to return a lost coat; Ilana explores a new romance that feels oddly familiar.
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"Through the power of the Italian dessert, she will come to you." I once went on a date with a person who looked so much like me...whoa...and it turned out to be a pretty good date.
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The Kelly Ripa thing was just too... I don't know, Wayne-Brady-on-Chappelle? (I know, that wasn't the first time that joke's ever been told, but given that it's another Comedy Central show, it's the first thing that came to mind.)

The Ilana-Alia thing, however, was fucking hilarious. "Do we have the same tattoo?" "No, that's your arm."
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Hope Abbi and Ilana got some serious money from Ripa PR because it's hard to phantom that Ripa and Broad City would have the same fan base. Like Etrigan, I found that storyline unfitting.
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Didn't Kelly Ripa do an "ad" for cocaine on SNL? It's not like she doesn't have a naughty streak.
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I said on Twitter "We all want to be Ilana but we're actually Abbi." It's sadly true. I mean, I love Abbi. I would happily be either of them. But I think they capture a certain demographic. Abbi is us.

I love that Ilana's bisexuality was not treated as a THING in and of itself. It was her attraction to someone that looked like her that was the thing -- it wasn't that it was another woman. I've had conversations about how sex-positive this show is and I agree -- there's no shaming involved. The weirdness and complications are about other things -- not about sex itself. That's really awesome.

As someone who's followed Kelly Ripa since her goth/rock days on All My Children, I totally loved her on this. No, I don't think this is the actual Kelly Ripa but I also think she's much weirder and more hardcore than her TV gig lets her be. She was a delight in this and was clearly having fun (and I've gotten my mom interested in Broad City which is ... weird, I guess. But my mom is cool).

I am going to miss this show so much when this season ends.
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I guess I'm just a sucker for "Mainstream performer usually thought of as totally vanilla portraying a totally hardcore version of themselves" gimmick, because I was just absolutely dying at all of the Kelly Ripa stuff. I had to pause the show when the two buff male prostitutes walked in I was laughing so hard.

Before this episode I never thought about how much Ilana Glazer and Alia Shawkat look alike, but when Shawkat first came on the screen I actually thought it was Glazer playing dual roles.
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My wife told me that when Ilana and Abbi first met at an improve class, Abbi thought Ilana was Alia Shawkat. This plot point seems to have been generated from their very first interaction.
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Hope Abbi and Ilana got some serious money from Ripa PR because it's hard to phantom that Ripa and Broad City would have the same fan base.

That giant mural of Oprah over Abbi's bed must also be some serious income-generating product placement.

Loved this episode. I was about 3/4 through before I realized that was Alia Shawkat. I've never seen her in anything other than Arrested Development.

I don't think I've ever seen Kelly Ripa in anything where she wasn't parodying herself. It reminded me of all Brian Williams' scenes in 30 Rock. People who are generally taken seriously always earn respect from me when they're thrown in comedy roles like that.
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I think it was also kind of an "Everyone is more hardcore than Abbi."

I like how this show is a female-centric Curb Your Enthusiasm. And I love how it's just a show about 2 ladies, one of whom is definitely not there to add sparkle to anyone's life but just having her own insecurities, weirdnesses and triumphs just like everyone else.
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My wife told me that when Ilana and Abbi first met at an improve class, Abbi thought Ilana was Alia Shawkat.

Yeah, they say that in one of the commentaries on the season 1 DVD. And Abbi tells Ilana: "But then you got to talkin' ..." and she realized Ilana wasn't Alia.

The Ilana/Alia plotline was like a mashup of two late Seinfeld eps (spoiler alert for these Seinfelds): the Jerry Seinfeld/Janeane Garofalo plotline in the season 7 finale, "The Invitations" (Jerry dates and gets engaged to someone with the same personality, but after Kramer complains she's just like Jerry, Jerry realizes he can't stand her because he hates himself), and George Costanza's plotline in "The Cartoon," from season 9 (George dates someone who looks uncannily like Jerry, which he only realizes when Kramer points it out to him, after which he can't go through with continuing to date her).
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