The Blacklist: The Major (No. 75)
March 13, 2015 3:03 PM - Season 2, Episode 15 - Subscribe

It's time for a clip show as Elizabeth gives testimony to a judge about the activities of the task force. Meanwhile, Red tracks down Tom's handler.
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As I said to my neighbour last night... gotta give 'em credit for doing a clip/flashback show in a relatively novel manner, as well as some of the 'flashbacks' being (it seemed) how Keen was presenting, not how she was remembering. +1 Lance Henriksen.
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Yeah I am violently allergic to clipshows, so at least this had a better framing than hey remember that time when we _____ yeah that was pretty great and the plot still moved along a bit.
So I went to Kate in logistics, and asked her for some lady-perspective. She told me it should be something I made, something personal, something from the heart. What a sweet sentiment! So that's exactly what I did.
Absolutely tickled imagining the mundane staff of The Post Office (isn't that what they call the black site?) gossiping about office romances and expense reports and paperwork.
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Wait a minute. I thought both Aram and his lady love had pretty clearly signaled to each other that they weren't going for platonic.
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I know it's an American show, but the spoken German in this episode was awful. Took me right out of the episode.
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Over the years, that neo-Nazi group has been infiltrated so much that there aren't any actual Germans left in it - German is their second or third language.
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I've been a huge Lance Henriksen fan for years, and this is just the kind of show he belongs on, so I'm thrilled to see him.

I also dig that we are getting to see how Tom operates outside of the world of Reddington and Elizabeth. It makes him both more realized as a character and more terrifying for the lengths he will go to.
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Actually, what bugged me was Keene belittling the federal judge. Not the disrespect, I 've seen defendants say adtonishingly stupid things to a judge - his lack of reaction, it just seemed weird. I kept expecting her to get sent to a cell to cool off.

Also, three guesses who that court reporter is really working for.
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When we realized this was going to be a clip show, my spouse and I couldn't figure out why they didn't do it closer to the beginning of the half-season to bring people up to speed, instead of smack in the middle of a run of new episodes. But by the end of the episode, when I was rolling my eyes so constantly that I think I could see my brain for a little while there, I knew why. I am hard-pressed to think of a worse episode so far.
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I kept expecting her to get sent to a cell to cool off.
That judge was interrogating.

Also, nice to see one of the absurdly competent mercenaries from Anslo Garrick again. Seems to be uncredited.
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