Steven Universe: Full Disclosure
March 13, 2015 5:27 PM - Season 1, Episode 50 - Subscribe

Steven tries to keep Connie from worrying about him by avoiding her phone calls.

Whew! Steven Universe will resume its normal schedule next week.
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Gosh I dunno what to even say, this show is just so sweet and cute and kind.

Also it is kind of turning into a musical and I am ALL SORTS of okay with that.
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Steven tries to be mature and grown-up and responsible but the kid just breaks down the moment he sees Connie's face. Awww.
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Man… I know why they couldn't but they should have shown this one as part of a three-parter. I thought last night's was emotional, but tonight was even worse. I guess it's clear that Steven and Connie haven't processed being the same being for a while.

Then there's the song. I didn't think there'd be a song I'd like more than “Be Wherever You Are”, but damn if “Full Disclosure” might not take it's place. It's like Sublime meets The Pillows in the best way possible.
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Okay I know there's lots of stuff going down and evil gems loose on Earth and exploding space hands and angst and stuff, but here's SOMETHING IMPORTANT:

Did anyone notice Sadie smiling at Ronaldo in the end-episode Beach City montage, and Lars looking mad about it? Yeah, something's going to go down there. Heh heh.
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Oh, and Buck Dewey's driving the Reëlection-mobile! Maybe Mayor Dewey fired his aide for switching sides during the Political Power riot....
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Okay, my body is ready to rewatch all of these in a row like a movie now!

Tonight they showed "Alone Together" (the Stevonnie episode) right after this one. The perfect one-two punch of feelings, those showrunning bastards.

Steven fails miserably in both episodes at not caring. And his influence on Connie is to make her care more than she would by herself.

Small things I liked:

- The slow-cooking teen romcom of Sadie + her two nerd guys
- Connie's tragic flip phone compared to Steven's smartphone; that Pearl calls it his "communication device", which I am so totally gonna start doing so I can feel like I live in a more science fictiony world.
- Not just the incorporation of Steven's ringtone into the musical segments, but the incorporation of the vibrate sound, which is so stressful!
- How Greg reacts to everything! He tries so hard to be a good dad but he also tries so hard to keep his human desire to lock Steven away in a bubble from ever making Steven worried. I feel like there is a conflict brewing between Greg and Connie's parents far beyond what we saw when they ate dinner together. How is he going to explain without the two of them forming some kind of relationship with the other Gems? Because Connie might be smart enough to not go looking for danger but she definitely loves Steven enough to put herself in danger for his sake. I hope Greg and Connie get some onscreen time together where this is discussed.
- The clear, bright colors in this whole thing. After the amazing triadic harmonies in the previous few episodes, especially the coral and verdigris during Malachite and the dusky blues and rusts during Rose's Scabbard, this denouement had a color story that staunchly expressed "back to normal" without, actually, anything being back to normal. It allowed the mood to resolve but the plot to progress. Masterful!
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I just realized this was exactly the TNG: Family of Steven Universe. An episode starting the new season to decompress and deal with the emotional aftermath of an exciting but traumatic two-part season ender that was the best thing the show had done to date. They even both involve the main characters trying to be overly stoic!

I understand some people weren't that big on this episode (I think it's obvious from the flashbacks and recapping it was originally intended to be shown after a longer between-season gap), but the clever way the ringtone was integrated into the song musically and thematically would have won me over alone.
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Are you... comparing Steven Quartz Universe to Jean-Luc Picard? Amazing. Who are Worf's adorable parents, then? Ruby and Sapphire? Excuse me, I have to go make fanart of everyone in Starfleet uniforms.
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A friend just pointed out a post that's been going around on Tumblr, with a kidding-but-kind-of-not-kidding theory regarding Yellow Diamond.

For maximal effect, I recommend only scrolling down just enough to read each line of text, such that big reveal can have Maximal Effect.
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The emotional climax of this episode is amazing. Especially:

Steven: "I just wanted to protect you!"
Connie: [in disgust] "Stop."

This so quickly and thoroughly demolishes that tired trope of a strong male who can't have meaningful relationships because the poor weak womenfolk need to be protected.
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So will season 2's arc basically be about Onion's terrifying Gem Instrumentality Project, which will create galactic peace and reunify the crumbling gempire via gem fusion?
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sleeping bear, don't forget where Steven first caught that trope from: the character most likely to be reading TVTropes.
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AND NOW A MEGA-COMMENT, I hope this goes over well ----

It's disheartening to see some people broach the subject of forbidding Reddit links outright in Talk, because, while Reddit in general has serious issues, the Steven Universe subreddit is mostly wonderful, and in the aftermath of the two-parter it exploded with activity: it has jumped from 5K to 7.5K members in a month's time, and gained so many newcomers that it made Reddit proper's trending list! I hope that doesn't result in a sea of your more boyzone Redditers trying to roll over the SU fans there like Homeworld in a big pointing hand-ship....

The fan outpouring over Steven Universe is interesting, approaching voluminous, and in terms of size and creativity begins to remind me -- don't cringe -- of the brony community. Which I've always argued is not as bad as some say, although sadly the bad aspects appear to have become more prominent. The more obnoxious elements of the bronies, I think, are those that rolled in from the poisonous 4chan and video gaming cultures. I hope, if the SU fandom gets really large, they can avoid that. I'd say something about how good-natured and happy the show is... but many of those things could be said about MLP, so I see that it provides no immunization.

Because of all this, some fans are anxious following the news that the biggest MLP fansite, Equestria Daily, is starting a Steven Universe site, to be called Beach City Bugle. I've read tons of EQD and can say conclusively, their site isn't a danger, EQD takes care to keep their content safe. But it does signify increased internet attention....

Enough gloom, here are some prominent Steven Universe memes at this moment in time, most found from the SU subreddit:
* "Gemsonas," basically gem OCs ("Original Characters").
* Peridot is a cross between a Dorito and a bottle of Mountain Dew. ("Peridito" -- several of these have to do with Peridot, since we first saw her a few months ago while Jasper is new, although getting her own fan art and comics.)
* During the song in Jailbreak, Peridot shouts "Don't touch that!" on the beat, making it sound, at first, like she's taking a verse. Someone else completed the verse. This post on World of Steven Universe has a version with Peridot's verse edited in.
* Peridot whining about things (EVE Online reference)
* Lots of fan art of Ruby and Sapphire, of course. (Contains Steven and Connie kissing in background.) Here's Ian Jones-Quartey and Rebecca Sugar's rough animation for Garnet reforming. More humorously, here's Ruby and Sapphire's internal reactions to when they talked to Connie's mom on the phone in Fusion Cuisine. (language)
* Continuing anxiety over the announced crossover with the loathed Uncle Grandpa. 1 - 2 (From what little I've see of UG, I rather like it! And the episode was written by the SU guys so you know they're not going to destroy their strong-continuity world for a bunch of silly gags.)

Here's a few notable fan cartoons and meme images. Some of these are a little edgy, although it's mostly the villains who have been getting this treatment:
* Peridot + Lapis, but it's not going very well. Peri gets a call while being lectured. (Somewhat adult themes.)
* Peridot, based on where her escape pod was heading, seems to be in Canada. Trying to fit in.
* Garnet shows off the "brick trick". (Very silly.)
* How far back does Steven Universe foreshadowing go? Did you ever see The Critic?
* One artist imagines the origin of Garnet's comment to Stevonnie in Alone Together. (Warning: sappy.)
* Pearl meeting Steven (long) -- this one's tonally "off," a bit, and it doesn't help that the creator's writing isn't too polished, but the art is good. Creator Mimic Teixeira has made a lot of cool art based on the show.

The Crewniverse has been adding fuel to the fire themselves with all kinds of production art and music edits. And ijq says there's been a subtle hint that Garnet's a fusion in the opening to the show all along.
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Mod note: Guys, it's fine to include and talk about interesting and non-problematic show-related stuff from elsewhere on the web, but let's please keep the metatalkian discussion of external site perception issues to metatalk and not get in sidebars either for or against in here.
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Here is a charming story from issue 8 of the comic, presented on the Tumblr of its artist Grace Kraft, Opal's Day Off.
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All I know is if there really is a Bronie-eque movement for Steven Universe calling themselves "Gemtlemen" I, uh, well, I don't like it.

Also I want to slap everyone who has made a male "Gemsona" because they're clearly not paying attention.
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I was starting to get irritated by the super-irritating Male Hero Angsts Alone About Saving the Defenseless Girls trope before I remembered what show I was watching. Then...phew.
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I've encountered the phrase "Gemtlemen" on my internet travels, but all those places (Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter) have been derisive. I don't think the phrase is catching on, thank glob.

My own suggestion is Universalists. Maybe Unitarians, no one's already using that, right?
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Staffer Matt Burnett (I've seen him called "M.C. Bur Bur") suggests "Steventhusiasts."
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ob1quixote: “ The Pillows ”
So, the copyright police finally found the version of “Little Busters” I'd had bookmarked for a long time. Only after I linked it here, of course. This semi-offical looking live version may last.

I watched the video for “Full Disclosure” again and damn if it still doesn't make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
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